Monday, December 29, 2008

Soon Fatt Restaurant

The new & current

The Old Soon Fatt

Festive season, normally means friends or family gathering, wondering where to go for you go, recommended Soon Fatt Restaurant for your consideration. The ambiance is rather good, food is superb and price is reasonable.
Hmm....the only drawback I would say is the service, don't expect excellent service..haha

We ordered a steamed fish - "Shi Ban fish"

Very fleshy, taste excellently fresh - superb!

Second dish, something special - the stir fried fish colon

To some maybe is a bizarre food huh...anyway, colon basically doesn't have any weird taste...for a change why not?!

There you go, the claypot pork slice with salted fish -taste great, will make you eat more rice, as the gravy was superb!

Not to forget, the greens...

The total spending for 3 pax were RM 66.00 inclusive of 3 rice and 3 drinks. Personally, I feel is value for money, as the steamed fish itself will cost somewhere like 30-40bucks....and not to forget, the nice ambiance, clean and air-conditioned dining experinece, is worth for a try!

The restaurant:
Soon Fatt Restaurant
42, Jalan Seenivasagam, 30450, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 243 6864
Business Hour: 11am - 2.30pm
5pm - 10.30pm

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Authentic Homecook Style Thai Food - Bercham

Grace and I went to venture this Thai stall in Bercham. Since it is not on the main road, and the humble stall is not quite noticeable, I guess not many know about this place. It is located opposite a Chinese school, beside a hair saloon in Bercham, opening for lunch and dinner. We were very satisfied with the food, tastes authentic! We will definitely visit again to check out other menu!

The Thai Style Chicken Kerabu - simple, refreshing with special Thai sauce and lime sauce I guess!

Pineapple Fried Rice - oishi! Looks simple but taste superb! Not oily and not too dry!

Tom Yam Soup with Bee Hoon - the soup taste spicy and sourish enough! I guess is not just adding Tom Yam paste - with some small prawns, squids, lala, mushroom, bay leave, lemongrass, tomatoes etc..

The Thai Fish Cake - this is just quite normal only

The chili sauce for dipping the fish cake - taste good

According to the boss, he uses authentic Thai ingredients for his cooking, he goes to Thailand to procure the stuff few times a year. Worth trying.
My self rating : 8/10

Total expenditure was RM20 including 2 drinks - soya bean & herbal tea.
The location: Drive along main road in Bercham, after Public Bank, 2nd traffic light turn right. The stall is on the right hand side , opposite a Chinese school.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My birthday

This year birthday, bf organized a mini BBQ at home. Since mum's birthday is just one day after mine, we had the celebration together.
We enjoyed the process of preparation, from procuring of food stuff, cleaning, marination till BBQing. It was a nice gathering indeed!
These are the cakes - the ice cream cake ( courtesy of my bf)
And the choc cake ( courtesy of my cousin )

My cousin's busy BBQ the last batch of food.....the most fast moving was prawns, fishes & satay!

My nieces enjoying the photography sessions....

Besides that, addition birthday treat by my sis at a restaurant in town.
I would like to highlight the dessert item which I like it a lot - The sweet coconut stew hasma, Shuet Gap -香椰炖雪蛤.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Restaurant Overseas Ipoh

Restaurant Overseas Ipoh is one of the famous Chinese dining in here. Some people have labelled it as the expensive one. In fact, it is, but food taste matches the price.

This time we ordered some not so expensive dishes at the expensive restaurant since only 3 pax dining, we can't order much also.

Personally, I feel this is the best Char Siew in town, nicely BBQ, which the sweetness and saltiness is well balanced.

RM16.00 - for a small portion

Then, the seafood Wat Tan Hor, with prawns, squids and "yu wat" - fish ball

RM 16.00

For those who love soup noodle, you may opt for this Soup Mei Sin


What about some yong tau foo in claypot


Lastly, some dessert - the Lotus Wo Tip


Since this restaurant is well known for Ipohite about the quality, I don't have to say much...if you love Char Siew and have not try their Char Siew before, it is a must try!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fruits Rojak - Canning Garden

Rojak or literally "mixed up" is definetely a truly Malaysian version of salad. There are different types of rojak with different types of dressings.For example, Pasembor or Indian rojak normally contains bean curd, boiled potatoes, hard boiled egg with sweet & spicy thick peanut sauce. Here, I am going to share is the fruit mixture rojak.

This stall "parks" in front of New Hollywood coffee shop in Canning Garden. His secret recipe is the sauce - the shrimp paste dark thick sauce. I like it because it is thick,unlike some, whereby the sauce is too dilute, not "shiok". His sauce is really good.

Of course, I still prefer the Penang version, there is one stall selling at Gurney Drive hawker adds caramel honey to the shrimp paste sauce, which taste superb good! BTW, the Penang version of rojak normally have cuttlefish, youtiao( Chinese fritters), bean sprout, taupok( deep fried taufu ) & jambu air ( water apple ) as well.

Come back to this on in Ipoh, his sauce dressing is thick with generous amount of peanut adds into the mixture of fruits ( I ordered pineapple, mangoes and cucumber ) and most importantly his wife home made prawn fritters, makes a perfect plate of rojak!

The ingredients

The others to be added to the shrimp paste sauce - finely chopped roasted peanuts and the chili paste

The prawn fritters

Can see the prawns also..

The ingredients cut into wedges will then be mixed with the sauce

The rojak

The uncle selling rojak ( with his permission )

His stall looks clean for a hawker standard

His stall in front of the coffee shop. He opens around 11am till 2pm - 3pm here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Claypot Lao Shu Fen

Lao Shu Fen or literally - Rat Noodle or the silver needle noodles is one of my favourite noodles. When I google about this noodle, I found out that such a name was given because the shape of the noodles is long and tapered much like a rat's tail.
The noodles are made from ground rice flour but sometimes added with some cornstarch to reduce breakage during frying.

Anyway, here I am going to share this claypot LSF in Ipoh, my favourite at Jalan Che Tak ( Off Jalan Yang Kalsom ). It is nicely cook in the claypot using the most traditional way - charcoal. That's why one have to be patient when dine at this shop---need to wait for at least 20mins. The cook - an old lady will be taking her sweet time to cook this tasty LSF.

Here you go - the LSF simple looking - there is no dark soy sauce added like the ordinary one. There are minced pork, small prawns, bean sprout, spring union and the claypot was served, they will add 2 eggs inside.

Not only that, the chili sauce they served nicely blend with the hot tasty claypot LSF, writting this makes me feel mouth watering already.

Every patron comes here for their famous Lao Shu Fen. However,they also serve some fried noodles and chicken wings.
Give a try, you'll like the food!
Food rating: 9/10
Ambience: 0/10 - just open air concept, can't expect anything
Price - Not cheap - sorry can't remember exactly - big claypot should be RM 18

The shop Chee Wah - at Jalan Che Tak. Open for dinner at around 7.30pm - midnight.
Another note - they do not open daily, sometimes, they will close of a week then re-open.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Beer

I can't even remember since when Ipoh started having Ice Beer. I am not an alcohol person, but since people around me do drinks, I got a chance to check out this place perhaps 2 years ago?!!( can't remember exactly).
The so called ice beer selling here is simply frozen the beer, I guess?! Anyway, the ice like feeling, according to drinkers, it's having the "feel good" factor.
In fact, I found out that the real ice beer is produced through an ice brewing process, whereby the temperature is reduced to minus 4 degree when ice crystals begin to form. However,the crystals will then be removed. According to Calsberg website, it says that ice beer should be rich in flavour, smooth and easy to drink.
I have no comment...for those who like beer...should give some comment whether the ice beer here is different from the normal chilled beer?

Here you go, the Ipoh version of Ice Beer...

As far as I know, there a few ice beer stall around old town Ipoh. Operating only for dinner. Of course besides selling ice beer, there are a lot of dishes served. personally, I feel that food wise, it is just ok only...nothing to shout about. As for beer, is a good experience, at least for a change..ya!

We ordered a few dishes along with the ice beer...
The fried "Kam Foong" fish - RM30.00

The fried chicken - MR15.00- even though look not very attractive, taste was good!

"Kam Heong" La la -RM16.00

The buttered crab- RM 38.00 - for 3 crabs

Fried Ikan bilis with chilies & onion - nice snack for beer drinking - RM10.00

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Abalone Dining

Abalone is one of the "precious food" among chinese cuisine. I am lucky to be invited for this abalone dining at Tuck Kee Restaurant. Frankly speaking, I am not very fond of it...but we cannot deny the health benefit of abalone. This species of shellfish is rich in concentrated marine proteins & vitamins.

My portion of fat succulent Alisan abalone serves with oyster and "Fah Choy", the sauce was marvelous, taste was just nice, blend well with the other ingredients. Perfect!

Then, the Chinese sausage a.k.a. Lap Mei Rice comes in claypot.

I notice that it is a bit different from the ordinary claypot rice because, there is not dark soy sauce being added. The preparation is simply , without adding too much additives aand yet taste good, not oily either it is not too dry!

Here comes the Special "Wat Dan Hor" - Keow Teoy with egg ,Big Prawns & scallop

Can you see how fat is the prawn?

Finally, the dessert, mango jelly with lemongrass flavour - something special, tastes great!

Ok, something about this restaurant. In fact, this restaurant is more like neighbourhood restaurant in Pasir Pinji. It serves quite economy chinese dishes.
However, you can special order some "out of menu" dishes prepared all by their chef cook. Of course, be prepared to pay higher for it...
Pre-booking is needed as well.....for the special dishes.

The restaurant:
Tuck Kee Restaurant Sdn Bhd
1 & 3, Jalan King,
Off Pasiar Pinji, 31650, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 255 3870
They open for lunch & dinner
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