Friday, October 31, 2008

Luxury bags???What's the attraction?

After yesterday conversation with LQ, I was pondering, I really cannot figure out the attraction of buying luxury bags. Is like an "addiction" already. If you know some crazy branded bag users OUT THERE, I bet you, they will sure have more than one bag collection.......what's the thing attracting them to go after one another? I really crack my head.

If I still do not know the value of money, I will definitely go after it as well....coz LQ is a big fan, she is "pressuring" me to at least own one. fact, the reason of owning the branded / luxury bag is simply "showing off"....we just want to have class, telling others , come on, I have taste, I have money, is a kind of status representation....some what like man go after luxury car. They will keep upgrading themselves, Honda Accord, re-cond Lexus, Merc, BMW.....the list will go on.....from C Class to E Class to S Class......never ending.
I was thinking like man go after car to show their "capability to earn money"....women showing off by the bag they carry. Or else, in fact no matter how attractive is the design or how durable it is, I don't think it worth RM5,000 to buy just a bag. For those collection fans, their cupboard will be having at least 10 of those, these add up, she will be able to but a small house huh??!!

Yea, we know we are living in a world that people recognize you by your dressing, they might not be able to see your CK underwear, so in order to give a status impression, people go for Rolex watch, carrying an LV bag to show their class...of course, for those who can afford to wear Rolex will not drive a Kancil. If she drives a Kancil, you can be sure that the Rolex is from Petaling Street haha....
Anyway, LQ, I am not against branded stuff, I do buy them as well, according to my ability, iF I can afford to buy a normal brand like Guess, I can only afford that, I will not go for those which will eat up my whole month or even few months salary...
When I upgraded my salary / earning, I will definetely consider..haha...I know every women like that kind of "feel good" factor of carrying a luxury man enjoys others looking at them and their car.

Is not the matter of right or wrong to go after luxury bag, it is very personal...but I agreed with LQ, no point buying fake one to show off, it maybe end up in a more embarrassing situation!
Anyway, if we have high self esteem we do not need to use these thing to tell others "I have class"....from the way we carry ourselves and communicate, others will know whether we have substance inside. Warren Buffett does not have to wear a Rolex watch to tell others he is successful, it is our internal qualities that is much more important.
I guess the priority is to upgrade our intellectual capability, our emotional intelligence, then when you have all these...going after material satisfaction will be automatic...haha again my philosophy...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emotional Intelligence ... in Workplace

I wonder why I lost control to my customers at times. Comparatively, my temper is much more better compare to earlier, still ....sometimes, some incidents made me really mad. I wonder why my EQ, or so called Emotional Intelligence is so weak? I know a lot of times is not the talent / skills of a particular person that made him successful. There are much more factors that made a person successful, I think one of it is someone with high EQ.

An employee with high EQ can manage his own impulses, communicate with others effectively, mange change well, solve problems effectively and use humour to build rapport in tense situations. These employees have empathy, remain optimistic even in the face of adversity, and are gifted at educating and persuading in a sales situation and resolving customers complaints in a customer service role. ( quoted from EQ expert )
After reading this, I know I am still lacking on some "elements"....long way to go!!

There was one study of 44 Fortune 500 companies found that salespeople with high EQ produced twice the revenue of those with average or below average scores.
Sometimes, we wonder why that young guy can climb up the corporate leader so fast? Why my friend is so lucky to get that high pay job and not me? Why his career route is so easy? Why why and why?

It is always not the element of luck, successful people always say luck is just playing a small portion. Is not the family background or education even. We have seen a lot of entrepreneur with very low education background. I think the key to success of a lot of big names is their soft skills. Keep learning, and I believe some situations happen in my life is to mold me to become a better person. Thank you, my dear customers!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Denis Bistro Ipoh

After last Maria's Cafe with Grace. She recommended me to try on Denise Bistro near Ipoh Garden. In fact, the place is right behind "Dung Gu Ten" food court, something like homecook style western food is served. The food is okay, simple, not very pricey, and okay ambience. Mum ordered pork chop which I feel is quite good. Dear ordered Siamese fried rice, is nice. My chicken chop was ok only...overall rating is okay...ambience also not bad. since not much choice of western food in Ipoh, at least now got one more options.
Anyway, do not, never ever expect you pay peanuts, will get quality food. What you pay is what you get. ( True for 90% of the food, I guess)
This one, for the price we pay, we get the kind of food.....
Like last weekend, went to Kampung Kacang Putih. My goodness, we used to buy the famous "Wong Fei Hong" kacang puteh near Ipoh garden KFC... someone told that Kampung Kacanng Puteh is famous of it....we went there and found out that there are 2 corner house selling tons of it. RM10 for 6 very cheap....but in terms of comparison with the pricey one.
Wat you pay = quality you are paying. Like someone used to tease me, buying organic and pay more than double / triple the price of non-organic ones. Is it worth? Try it, you'll see the difference.
Likewise, life is the same. Whatever we invest in ourselves, our career, our family, we will be reaping the results. There is no free lunch. Even if we do not get what we have given out now, do not panic, do not be is a journey.As long as we do not give up hope, we will be reaping the good fruits. Nothing is more important than HOPE....Like when we venture for new food, there is no guarantee it will be nice. If everything is guaranteed, then what is the fun of life? Life should be an adventure, no one knows the results, until we finished it.....hope for the best...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The sweet adventure weekend

After reading Motormouth's blog, I ventured on JJ cake shop....I think they are really expert in selling swiss they have a corner in Mouth restaurant ( beside Fairmont Hotel) simply selling swiss roll. Cakes are available upon order. Anyway, I bought 3 in one goal to share it. One coffee walnut, one banana cream cheese with cashew nut and one chocolate hazelnut. The swiss roll is rather huge...and soft. Worth a try....for those pastries lover. The swiss roll is quite heavy, but texture is so soft, it's quite nice. I especially like the coffee walnut.

Then, another venture was egg tarts, my favourite. We went to Pavilion for shopping. In fact, last time when it was newly opened, I was not able to try The Loaf bakery. This time round, I told myself, I must give a try...the end result:" So so only"....however, when we wonder around, I saw this " John King Egg Tart" ....IT caught my attention, coz I am really into egg tart. I like Tong Kee egg tarts, used to get them from Mid Valley...since there is another choice, I thought of giving it a try...however, it is not so tasty as I expect...maybe because it is " no lard"...some egg tart maker still believe that using lard to make the "side" is more tasty.....but the Tong Kee egg tart, one type is without lard, still much more better than this. But, different people have different tastebud, maybe some may like it ya!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Food....everybody loves them!

Since when I starts browsing on food related blog? I guess it was not long ago, whereby I came across this piece of news about CK Lam, the Penang Aunty Food Blogger. When I was reading the E-newspaper about her, I visited her blog and her effort of making her blog so attractive and friendly to visit motivated me to start blogging! Here I go, start browsing other food blogs as well....
When it come to food, I would say I am a food lover. On the other hand, afraid of the extra pounds, trying my level best to restrict myself. Now once or twice a week only me and my dear indulge for "sinful" food. Like last weekend was bad, Siao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung, then New Zealand Natural Ice cream ( now our fav )....& later at tea time, cake. My goodness....I know it's bad to skip dinner, but I have no choice, coz taking too much calories day quota is over, ya!

Talking about NZ Natural, it is still quite green in Malaysia. However,personally I feel this is the best. They have full cream ice-cream, yogurt ice-cream, low-fat, sorbet like others established brand as well. Comparatively, it is not as common as BR or HD, BUT taste wise, it is really superb. We always go for Hokey Pokey the crunchy butterscotch balls folded into creamy honeycumbed flavoured....& Walnut Butterscotch. Price wise also, it's quite reasonable. In fact, the franchise came to to Malaysia only in 2003. AS from the brand name, we know that it is orginated from NZ, Chirstchurch in labelled as the premium ice-cream in NZ & Australia.
I really hope that those who have not try it, give a try. It is really worth trying! No regret! Absolutely tasty!

Gua Sha - Chinese Medicine

Last week I went for Gua Sha. In fact, I just wanted a good back massage, as sitting in front of the PC for long period of time made my back ( upper ) really aching. However, the massage lady advised me to do Gua Sha as well. I agreed with her coz I know it is good. To be frank, after the treatment of about 10 minutes Gua Sha I feel extremely good, my back ache was much relieved! Of course, my back was terribly red. Something like the picture above. After my dear saw it, he was criticizing me. He said I am stupid to believe this thing work. I didn't confronted him at that time, coz I know I should give him some facts then only he will believe me.
Here it goes.....Gu Sha is a healing technique used in Asia, mainly in China. It involves palpation and cutaneous stimulation where the skin is pressured, by a round edged instrument. It will results in the appearance of small red pettish called " sha"....which will fade in 2 or 3 days time.If there is no Blood stasis the pettish will not form and the skin will only turn pink.
According to the massage lady, the longer one to "get rid" of the redness, the slower his / her metabolism is.
Gua Sha actually promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes. This traditional technique removes blocked stagnation and promoting normal circulation and metabolic processes.

I even found out that this treatment is used in the West,in some hospital in Germany, Gu Sha is implemented. I concluded that this type of traditional treatment is proven, something like Indian Ayurveda. More and more natural healing believer like me, will opt for this kind of treatment rather than simply taking medicine when one is not feeling well. Antibiotic will make our immune systems weaker only.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mamma Mia...........

It's almost 2 weeks since we watched MAMMA MIA in the cinema. Still remember we watched the trailer 2 or 3 months back, it was kind of interesting, because of James Bond guy, Pierce Brosnan is playing a role in this movie. For those who like musical drama, this is definetely a must watch...not to mentionend of the attraction is to invite Pierce Brosnan in this movie. He can really sing!!!! He is the usual "cool" and "charming look" in this movie. Absolutely gorgoeous, he definetely does not look like 55 year-old man......coz his attractive look is more than any other young guy!!! I read in RD about one of his interview. After he agreed to take up this movie, he really go to music school to learn singing! No joke. He sings well in this movie. I then start looking for ABBA songs and sound track of this movie, no wonder they were so famous 60s, their songs are so nice. The movie begins with "I had a dream"....follow by songs like " Honey honey". " Dancing Queen", " Mama Mia", "Take A Chance on Me". We really love the songs and movie. Thumbs Up!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrity Wedding

Most people who follow "entertainment" news will be very excited when it comes to the celebrity wedding. I am talking especially the Hong Kong stars, because, watching HK TVB drama making me like so "close" to those people I know them, but they do not know me at all.....haha!!!
Recently, read about Kelly Chan's wedding, she doesn't look like a 36 year old gorgoeus. The report said that Kelly & Alex wedding was a multimillion dollar wedding! Talking about multi-million/ billion wedding, we also have Tony & Carina, Hacken & Emily as well. These couple have been in coutrship for more than 10 years, and their marriage was envied by a lot of fact, we all wich them best of happily ever after.
Sometimes, I wonder, whether they really wanted to celebrate their great day with love ones or is it a showing off affair? Is multi-million dollar wedding guaranteed them to be happily ever after? But, who care's, if they are rich enough to spend their wedding grandly, they have all the right, ya!
Anyway, to me, marriage is not simply the ceremony, the beautiful wedding dress, and the diamond ring. It is something so serious that we commit to be together with our better half, honour our commitment, to be with him/ her forever, no matter we are rich, poor, healthy or sick. Love is not something without condition. You do not love your husband when he is young, handsome, rich & love him when he is fat, dumb & old....( not easy ya!) Those who are having affair outside their marriage will always have excuses like, "my wife doesn't understand me", oh, "that lady is really very sexy, I can't stand the temptation", "I am getting so fed up with my wife lah...she is worst than my boss!"
So, think seriously before you commit for a marriage, once committed, I believe is a long life journey, that we have to travel with this person. No turning back.So, marriage is a holy, not at all only some ceremony....dont' play play!!!
Therefore, I am still not getting married....haha....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trying the Morning Banana Diet

Today is my second day taking banana for breakfast. It fact, it is quite filling, and of course, going for #2 is a smooth afair!!! Haha, I will keep it up and see the result. I guess, Japanese diet can always be followed, as they are known for their healthy , long live culture.
Talking about Japanese, it reminds me of this cute, Japanese Chinese mix boy. Since he has left Malaysia, I really don't know when I will be seeing him again.......

Monday, October 6, 2008

Holland & Begium Trip

I would like to share some nice photos of my trip to Europe in the beginning of this year. It was a trip sponsored by supplier to our company. I was one of the lucky one that was selected. Going to Europe is always a dream for me, coz Europe always equal to romance, nice scenery . Even though I only visit 2 countries in Europe. I am already very thankful ....
It was a wonderful trip, as food are excellent, accomodation is superb! As far as shopping is concerned, for me, most of the things are expensive. For example, going to public toilet need to pay 1 or 2 euro, is equivalent to RM5 - goodness....I think the only cheap thing is wine, and I bought some nice Swarovski crystal, which is cheaper than Malaysia.
As for accommodation, we stay in 4-5 star hotel. In Belgium, we stayed at Hilton, in Amsterdam, we stayed at Movenpick Hotel......some of the nice photos I took....Belgium was simply enjoying the nice scenery, hand made chocolates, beer, nice pre war building etc. Amsterdam attactions are windmill, Redlight district - with little cubical whereby the p**stitute are doing business there...anyway, it was a great eye opener, for my first time to Europe.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Japan - Morning Banana Diet

I came to know about the Japan craze of Morning Banana Diet few days ago.....since I am desperate to lose weight as well, therefore I simply searching the info about this diet. Yeah, it is really simple, just take banana for breakfast, eat anything for lunch and dinner......simple....I will just try and check out the result ya! The origins of this diet is from a guy named Hitoshi Watanabe, who wanted to lose some 25 pounds before marriage. his girl friend, a pharmacist suggested this idea and yes, he managed to lose the extra pounds and was extremely thrilled!!! Let's try it out, no harm, as banana is after all, so fibres and full of enzyme

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Indian Food Adventure

Rawa tosai is simply made of semolina, onion, carrot & cabbage. Normally, it is cooked with pan, less oil, not definetely with ghee. It is a tasty food, which I feel is much more healthier than roti canai. To me, since I am born and bought up in a chinese family, the only Indian food I am familiar was roti canai. However, ever since I knew my dear, he introduced me to a lot of nice Indian food, like tosai, chappati, banana leaf rice with different Indian curries. I feel that Indian vegeterian food are extremely tasty compare to chinese vegetarian, as they are not so bland. As we know, Indian cooking is full of spices. For the last few days of holiday, we explored a few Indian restaurant in my hometown , Ipoh. Now only I know Ipoh also have a few good Indian restaurant.....will try to share them again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My first Blog ------Finally

I've been reading thousands of blogs, mostly strangers' blog in the Internet. To be frank, I really enjoy some of blogs I read, and get addicted to some of them.....feel like reading the updates of those bloggers....the nice photos they shared etc.
The other day, when I was chatting with my dear, I told him, I will made up my mind to blog, mainly about food, coz we enjoy food a lot!!! He was supportive and there it goes, my first blog started.
Anyway, I think I will try to share more of my life, my love in my blog and hope that readers will really enjoy it.
Finally, being a Generation X, first time blogging.....what a shame huh!!! I hope I will not stop it, I will continuously do it, as it really needs a lot of perseverance to blog......I guess.
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