Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrity Wedding

Most people who follow "entertainment" news will be very excited when it comes to the celebrity wedding. I am talking especially the Hong Kong stars, because, watching HK TVB drama making me like so "close" to those people I know them, but they do not know me at all.....haha!!!
Recently, read about Kelly Chan's wedding, she doesn't look like a 36 year old gorgoeus. The report said that Kelly & Alex wedding was a multimillion dollar wedding! Talking about multi-million/ billion wedding, we also have Tony & Carina, Hacken & Emily as well. These couple have been in coutrship for more than 10 years, and their marriage was envied by a lot of fact, we all wich them best of happily ever after.
Sometimes, I wonder, whether they really wanted to celebrate their great day with love ones or is it a showing off affair? Is multi-million dollar wedding guaranteed them to be happily ever after? But, who care's, if they are rich enough to spend their wedding grandly, they have all the right, ya!
Anyway, to me, marriage is not simply the ceremony, the beautiful wedding dress, and the diamond ring. It is something so serious that we commit to be together with our better half, honour our commitment, to be with him/ her forever, no matter we are rich, poor, healthy or sick. Love is not something without condition. You do not love your husband when he is young, handsome, rich & love him when he is fat, dumb & old....( not easy ya!) Those who are having affair outside their marriage will always have excuses like, "my wife doesn't understand me", oh, "that lady is really very sexy, I can't stand the temptation", "I am getting so fed up with my wife lah...she is worst than my boss!"
So, think seriously before you commit for a marriage, once committed, I believe is a long life journey, that we have to travel with this person. No turning back.So, marriage is a holy, not at all only some ceremony....dont' play play!!!
Therefore, I am still not getting married....haha....

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