Monday, October 13, 2008

Food....everybody loves them!

Since when I starts browsing on food related blog? I guess it was not long ago, whereby I came across this piece of news about CK Lam, the Penang Aunty Food Blogger. When I was reading the E-newspaper about her, I visited her blog and her effort of making her blog so attractive and friendly to visit motivated me to start blogging! Here I go, start browsing other food blogs as well....
When it come to food, I would say I am a food lover. On the other hand, afraid of the extra pounds, trying my level best to restrict myself. Now once or twice a week only me and my dear indulge for "sinful" food. Like last weekend was bad, Siao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung, then New Zealand Natural Ice cream ( now our fav )....& later at tea time, cake. My goodness....I know it's bad to skip dinner, but I have no choice, coz taking too much calories day quota is over, ya!

Talking about NZ Natural, it is still quite green in Malaysia. However,personally I feel this is the best. They have full cream ice-cream, yogurt ice-cream, low-fat, sorbet like others established brand as well. Comparatively, it is not as common as BR or HD, BUT taste wise, it is really superb. We always go for Hokey Pokey the crunchy butterscotch balls folded into creamy honeycumbed flavoured....& Walnut Butterscotch. Price wise also, it's quite reasonable. In fact, the franchise came to to Malaysia only in 2003. AS from the brand name, we know that it is orginated from NZ, Chirstchurch in labelled as the premium ice-cream in NZ & Australia.
I really hope that those who have not try it, give a try. It is really worth trying! No regret! Absolutely tasty!


J2Kfm said...

hi ... I love them too!

who can resist hot, freshly steamed Xiu Long Bao, packed with hot and savoury soup, flowing onto your spoon, complemented by the thin, transluscent skin, and juicy pork fillings? Din Tai Fung's one of my choice as well.

nice blog.

SimpleGirl said...

Hi j2kfm, thank you for dropping me a comment. I am a follower of your blog also. I tried a few places around Ipoh recommended by you as well! Thanks for sharing! Happy blogging!

ck lam said...

Hi Simple started with a basic blog just like my earlier days. I learn along the way the trades and methods of blogging and I am sure you will be able to do a better job than me :) Have confidence in yourself!

I will try out the NZ Natural ice cream that you like so I am also a fan of ice cream...haha

SimpleGirl said...

CK, thanks for motivating me. I really enjoy the fun of blogging. Yeah, do try out NZ natural, I am sure you'll like it!

Allie said...

I luv new zealand ice cream too. There are giving 30% discount at every month end (30th). Plan to buy a quartz and store in my fridge. Hehe!

Happy Blogging!

SimpleGirl said...

Thanks Allie for dropping by. Yeah, happy to know that you are also a fan of NZ natural.

Robert Lau said...

Enjoyed your journal...entertaining and informative...keep up the good job! your weight though..hee hee
...I put on 3Kg in a month that I have stopped I am into Chocolates...GOSH!!!!


...Future SUMO

SimpleGirl said...

Hi Robert, thanks for dropping by. Thanks for reminding me on the weight control as well....thanks for motivating me to keep blogging!Your choco addiction whatever it is better than smoking though......good effort man!

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