Monday, October 6, 2008

Holland & Begium Trip

I would like to share some nice photos of my trip to Europe in the beginning of this year. It was a trip sponsored by supplier to our company. I was one of the lucky one that was selected. Going to Europe is always a dream for me, coz Europe always equal to romance, nice scenery . Even though I only visit 2 countries in Europe. I am already very thankful ....
It was a wonderful trip, as food are excellent, accomodation is superb! As far as shopping is concerned, for me, most of the things are expensive. For example, going to public toilet need to pay 1 or 2 euro, is equivalent to RM5 - goodness....I think the only cheap thing is wine, and I bought some nice Swarovski crystal, which is cheaper than Malaysia.
As for accommodation, we stay in 4-5 star hotel. In Belgium, we stayed at Hilton, in Amsterdam, we stayed at Movenpick Hotel......some of the nice photos I took....Belgium was simply enjoying the nice scenery, hand made chocolates, beer, nice pre war building etc. Amsterdam attactions are windmill, Redlight district - with little cubical whereby the p**stitute are doing business there...anyway, it was a great eye opener, for my first time to Europe.

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Angie said...

i really miss the windmill. i only stop by amsterdam for a few hours and pass by belgium before went back to munich, i only manage to see a mini windmill. :(

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