Saturday, October 4, 2008

Indian Food Adventure

Rawa tosai is simply made of semolina, onion, carrot & cabbage. Normally, it is cooked with pan, less oil, not definetely with ghee. It is a tasty food, which I feel is much more healthier than roti canai. To me, since I am born and bought up in a chinese family, the only Indian food I am familiar was roti canai. However, ever since I knew my dear, he introduced me to a lot of nice Indian food, like tosai, chappati, banana leaf rice with different Indian curries. I feel that Indian vegeterian food are extremely tasty compare to chinese vegetarian, as they are not so bland. As we know, Indian cooking is full of spices. For the last few days of holiday, we explored a few Indian restaurant in my hometown , Ipoh. Now only I know Ipoh also have a few good Indian restaurant.....will try to share them again.

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