Sunday, October 5, 2008

Japan - Morning Banana Diet

I came to know about the Japan craze of Morning Banana Diet few days ago.....since I am desperate to lose weight as well, therefore I simply searching the info about this diet. Yeah, it is really simple, just take banana for breakfast, eat anything for lunch and dinner......simple....I will just try and check out the result ya! The origins of this diet is from a guy named Hitoshi Watanabe, who wanted to lose some 25 pounds before marriage. his girl friend, a pharmacist suggested this idea and yes, he managed to lose the extra pounds and was extremely thrilled!!! Let's try it out, no harm, as banana is after all, so fibres and full of enzyme


Angie said...

i'm consuming vege & fruits high fiber drink. drink 1 packet 30 mins before consuming a meal. as the fiber already in our body, it helps to prevent our body absorbing the fat and oil from the food we consume. it helps for constipation. the result is not bad and very tasty. if you are interested to know more just let me know.

SimpleGirl said...

Angie, thanks for recommendation of the fiber drinks!

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