Sunday, October 19, 2008

The sweet adventure weekend

After reading Motormouth's blog, I ventured on JJ cake shop....I think they are really expert in selling swiss they have a corner in Mouth restaurant ( beside Fairmont Hotel) simply selling swiss roll. Cakes are available upon order. Anyway, I bought 3 in one goal to share it. One coffee walnut, one banana cream cheese with cashew nut and one chocolate hazelnut. The swiss roll is rather huge...and soft. Worth a try....for those pastries lover. The swiss roll is quite heavy, but texture is so soft, it's quite nice. I especially like the coffee walnut.

Then, another venture was egg tarts, my favourite. We went to Pavilion for shopping. In fact, last time when it was newly opened, I was not able to try The Loaf bakery. This time round, I told myself, I must give a try...the end result:" So so only"....however, when we wonder around, I saw this " John King Egg Tart" ....IT caught my attention, coz I am really into egg tart. I like Tong Kee egg tarts, used to get them from Mid Valley...since there is another choice, I thought of giving it a try...however, it is not so tasty as I expect...maybe because it is " no lard"...some egg tart maker still believe that using lard to make the "side" is more tasty.....but the Tong Kee egg tart, one type is without lard, still much more better than this. But, different people have different tastebud, maybe some may like it ya!


Allie said...

They offer many flavours of egg tarts. The egg filling is quite soft and smooth which I feel that it's good.

SimpleGirl said...

Hey, Allie, I saw....Durian flavour was something strike my attention...and also "LO POH" biscuits...which I didn't try...

J2Kfm said...

John King's tarts are exactly like HK's ones. cookie pastries, not flaky like Ipoh's dimsum outlets'.

but i still like John King's milk, green tea and durian egg tarts.

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