Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yum Yum Set Lunch

I am sure Yum Yum is nothing new to Ipohite. This restaurant is known for serving great food. Lunch and dinner time will be always crowded as the food served here is like the name of the restaurant ---it's yummy! I am not sure which type of category of food they belong to, but I think they are famous of mixed cuisine, Thai, Nyonya, Chinese....?!! To mentioned a few of their signature includes assam prawn, curry fish, Tom Yam, pineapple rice, pandan chicken etc.

We bumped into Yum Yum for a late lunch on Friday and found that they have new set lunch menu only for Friday. It has 2 choices only, but value for money! Food is very nice!

1st set: Rice with nyonya style chicken ( RM7.00)

2nd set - Siam Laksa ( RM6.00 )

The "pulut hitam" dessert come with the set - taste great

We ordered one Kerabu to share ( RM5.00 )

This is really a good place for dining, with nice ambiance. The only drawback is - it can be quite difficult to get a parking during lunch time.

Restaurant Yum Yum
5, Persiaran Greenhill,
30450, Ipoh, Perak.
05- 253 7686

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kinta Riverfront - another place for yum cha.....

Good news to Ipohite....we have another place to hang out or catch up with friends or family for a drink...other than the usual one....that is The Kinta Riverfront.
This is a huge project of condo cum 5 star hotel with restaurants, cafe and other outlets along the riverbank. I guess they want to make it like Clark Quay..haha..anyway, of course, Ipohite also wanted to see our city developed. Let's cross our fingers and see how it goes...

According to the developer it will be completed somewhere in 2010. In order to attract investors, they already have some outlets opened, serving food(simple), drinks,inclusive of juice, coffee, beer etc. Sitting there with some nice music played at the restaurant is indeed quite relaxing experience.
Now, they are giving a kind of "preview". I am sure if the project is successful, it will be a happening place!

Since the project involved local government effort to clean the Kinta River, the place really is quite relaxing, without any "unpleasant" smells when we sit beside the riverbank for a drink.

We ordered Ipoh white coffee. Here they are selling Chek Hup. Personally I feel the taste is much more better than Old Town Kopitiam. Not only that, the price also cheaper...

Hazelnut White Coffee - RM2.80
White Coffee King - RM2.30

Some shots taken at Kinta Riverfront

The bridge - we walked up to birdge crossing over to the other side...

The view taken from the top of the bridge....

Some shots taken in the developer's office - the history of Ipoh - The Mining City

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is my second visit to R U Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability. This restaurant wanted to promote eating at a more healthy way. I should not say the food are organic, but comparatively "natural". For example,they claimed that the pork they served is free of anti-biotic.

Why I go again? Hmm.....wanna to take a healthier lunch?? To check out other menu?
This time round, we ordered the Pear Red Date Tea. It is good. Taste naturally sweet and soothing.

RM5.80 / pot for 2 pax ( They will provide refill ---but I think they just add water only)

Since the so called natural / organic food is a bit bland, so we decided to order the curry.

Curry Chicken Rice ( Brown Rice ) - RM7.80
Taste rating : 6/10

Korean Bibimbap Curry DQ Chicken - RM 7.80
Taste rating - 5/10 ( The rice is a bit dry and the green veg is very bitter! )

We also ordered a dessert to share...but rather disappointing. Maybe I expected the crispy type but it is not!

Crepe - banana + peanut ( RM 3.80 )
Taste : 2/10 ..nothing special

Feel free to try out this restaurant for a change...maybe you'll like it...or??

Address:33, Jalan Medan Ipoh 4,
Bandar Medan Ipoh.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kajang Satay in Ipoh

After reading Se Teck's blog, we decided to give a try on Serai Sate Kajang at Medan Ipoh. In fact, this was the third attempt, finally we were able to try the satay! The first time, we reached there around 2.45pm, it was written on the board, open at 3pm. So, we waited until 3.15pm, those guys are still not willing to open. Fine, we left. Second attempt, we reached there at 4pm, still closed. Kind of disappointed, and thinking, it they do not want to open early, perhaps they should change the operation hour in order to avoid disappointment.

Anyway, this 3rd attempt, after shopping at Jusco, we felt a bit hungry, even though it was raining cats and dogs, we decided to give one more try! It was around 5.45pm we arrived at the restaurant, it seems that they just started the business??
We were the 2nd order. First of was take away order. However, by the time we left, around 6.30pm, the crowd slowly started coming, the restaurant was almost full.
In fact their menu was simply, mainly satay. We just tried the chicken satay, RM0.70/ stick. It was quite fleshy and tender! Worth the money actually!
They provided generous amount of sauce as well. ( Anyway, my dear felt that the normal satay sauce is tastier, but I feel these 2 mixture of sauce is nice also. )

The "Spicy sauce"

The normal " Peanut Sauce"

The fleshy & tender chicken satay.

Anyway, since they do not serve juice that day. We just ordered sky juice, it was F.O.C! We just paid nett for the amount of satay we ate! After eating the nice satay, I can concluded that it is worth trying, we don't feel too thirsty. ( Sometimes, some food taste good, just because of the "preservative" / MSG effect.)

p/s: the restaurant located at the last lot along Jalan Medan Ipoh 1E.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Air Asia - their service sucks!!!!

We bought ticket with Air Asia in Sept. Due to my sister can't join us for the travelling for next year, I need to change the ticket.
As everybody knows, there are a lot of terms and conditions applied for our monopolized low cost carrier. I wanted to confirm whether the ticket can be transfer / change name. Unless the fare is economy or XL fare, promotional fare according to their fare rules name change is NOT permitted.

Then I was thinking, what about I change the ticket to other dates for economy fare instead of XL, then maybe name changed is permitted. I just wanted to call and confirm this before I proceed.

The f***ing service was damn disappointed. I tried calling from yesterday onwards around 2.30pm, waited for more than 15 mins in the queue still no response. Every half an hour I tried. Not only that, sometimes the line is so busy cannot get through also. Even at night around 8.30pm I called, still waited for more than 10 mins. I gave up!!!! Even Astro is not that bad. Damn shit service, the telling you, " All our sales agent are still busy, we'll be with you as soon as possible"
I wonder whether there are enough sales agent ?
The second message was " All our sales agent are still busy due to overwhelming response of our promotion, we will be with you as soon as possible."
If calling them is so difficult, they expect all single info is in their website itself? My goodness....their terms and conditions are mainly to their advantage!

The worst case, it is not written in their website the operation hour, I call again around 915pm, I was told that their operation hour of is from 8am - 9pm.
Fine, I call this morning, sharp at 8am. Still made me wait for 10 mins, then an idiot picked up the phone, I said sarcastically" I never knew early in the morning, there is so many calls, you still made me waited for 10 mins." She answer, " We just open at 8am." Then suddenly got DISCONNECTED. Yes, I don't know is accidental or what, finally, I got connected to the VVIP call centre, and I talk for less than 2 minutes, it got disconnected!!!!! Can you imagine my frustration?

Anyway, for your info, if you would like to make changes to your travelling date, even though the ticket is cheaper at antoher date, they will not refund the extra / difference. I read there is a stupid fee " Spoilage fee " haha, this is how they are making money!!!! Already they charged changing fee of RM200/=. Then, can I claim the telephone expenses I spent by calling them and waiting. I think at least I wasted RM20/=...just by waiting on the phone!!!

Finally, I called to a local travel agent that sell Air Asia ticket and got the answer!
The agent informed me that NO NAME CHANGE is allowed anyway, since the ticket is XL promotional fare. Stupid!!!!
I hate Air Asia policies and their service!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gao Lee - Dim Sum - another Yum Cha place in Ipoh

When one talk about Ipoh Dim Sum, they will always link to famous Fo San or Ming Court Dim Sum.
Here, I am sharing another option of Dim Sum in Ipoh - Gao Lee Restaurant.

This Restaurant have a fair choice of Dim Sum which taste good as well. The "Ho Leaf Rice", Cha Siew Bao, Egg Tarts are quite good. Some people will order they fried noodles as well.
It is not that kind of authentic dim sum restaurant, because they serve a lot of other food as's actually quite rojak haha!!Anyway, even though it is not the best in town, still consider tasty!
Especially during holiday season, you will find those famous restaurant too crowded, where you don't even get a seat, you can head to this restaurant.

Location: Off Jalan Dato Lau Pak Khuan, just right behind Shell Petrol Station.

Mood Foods

Are you always hunger for sweet stuff? Or crazy about fried food ?

I read a book about food. According to recent research, the researchers found out that our moods may steer us to certain food....interesting

If you reach for : tough foods like meat , hard or crunchy foods
You may be feeling : Angry

If you reach for : sugars
You may be feeling : depressed

If you reach for: soft and sweet foods like ice-cream
You may be feeling: anxious

If you reach for: salty foods
You may be feeling: Stressed

If you reach for : bulky , fill-you -up foods like pasta or crackers
You may be feeling: lonely or sexually frustrated

If you reach for: anything and everything
You may be feeling : jealous

Anyway, how true is it?
It's up to you to judge.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Restoran 222 - Yummy Pan Mee

The Pan Mee Stall - "Pin Heong" is allocated inside this coffee shop

There are a lot of simple yet tasty food around Ipoh. Here in Ipoh, we are more famous of the "soupy food" like Bean Sprout Ho Fun , Yong Dao Fu with soup noodles, and nevertheless Pan Mee ( flour made noodle)

I particularly like this stall which serves yummy pan mee near Jalan Pasir Puteh. It was in Ipoh Garden South, it was closed down , and few months ago re-opened at Coffee Shop / restaurant 222 along Jalan Pasir Puteh ( Just the first role of shop lot soon after you arrive at Jalan Pasir Puteh).

The soup is very good, more like homecook style, whereby you can taste the ikan bilis essence a.k.a. anchovies ( but not fishy ), you don't feel like drinking "ajinomoto" soup.
Since it is Pan Mee, the noodle of course is the main attraction. The texture is quite fluffy. I believe the dough is nicely prepared, therefore it is not too had or too soft. There are 3 types of noodle for selection : piece noodle, slim noodle or thick noodle.
In addition, the chili belacan they serve together with the noodle is lovely too!

Soup Pan Mee - RM3.50/=
< Sorry, I need to improve on my photography skills in taking food, I will improve on it. Picture speaks more than word....I will improve! >

If one fine day, you feel like eating some soupy food, it is highly recommend to check out this stall.
P/s: They serves dry Pan Mee as well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Organic Vegetarian Lunch

My friend recommended this organic vegeterian shop. I went to explore it with my colleague. The food was so good, price also very reasonable.

The shop located near Menglembu
"From town area, driving towards Lumut Highway, there are some new shop lots on the right hand side. The shop is located a bit inside, not facing the mainroad. There is only one single shop along these new shoplots"

I ordered one Organic "Lui Cha" with brown rice. RM5.50, very reasonable!!

My colleague ordered red rice served with vegetarian Bak Kut Teh soup.

The soup served with mushrooms, taste good!

We ordered veg "potato leave" + apple juice. So pure, no water or sugar added.
RM3.50 each. There are a wide range of organic & natural products available. Serving meal is only a "by product". It seems that food is available only during lunch time. Will definetely go again to try out other offerings.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Healthy & Simple Porridge

No matter how tasty is "dining out", nothing can be compared with a simple home cooked meal. As we are sure it is MSG free, less salt, less sugar, less oil &more hygienic.
Here is my sharing of simple , healthy & delicious porridge.
First of all, I will highly recommended this Sarawak Bario Brown Rice. I bought it from the Organic Shop, it is so tasty especially for making porridge. Nevertheless, my dear who doesn't like to eat brown rice also commented that it taste good. Some people are not used to the rough texture of brown rice. But, trust me, this is marvelous!
Firstly, wash the rice, and boil it.

Then, I opt to put my organic potatoes, organic tomatoes, carrots & onions into the porridge. It is like drinking ABC soup. Veg porridge can be as tasty as non-veg one.

Not to forget to add a pitch of sea salt to the porridge

" Healthier option of salt - compare to the bleached one"

To add to the taste, I also add this mushroom sauce to the porridge.

Mushroom sauce - is tasty to eat with porridge & noodles.

Not to forget, add some brewers' yeast as well. As it contains a natural source of Vit B and highly concentrated amounts of protein. Consumption of brewers' yeast will contribute to several health benefits such as reduced stress, increase metabolism and lower cholesterol.

And finally, the tasty, healthy, simple meal is served! ( Even though it doesn't look very nice, but is healthy, high fibre )

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