Thursday, November 20, 2008

Air Asia - their service sucks!!!!

We bought ticket with Air Asia in Sept. Due to my sister can't join us for the travelling for next year, I need to change the ticket.
As everybody knows, there are a lot of terms and conditions applied for our monopolized low cost carrier. I wanted to confirm whether the ticket can be transfer / change name. Unless the fare is economy or XL fare, promotional fare according to their fare rules name change is NOT permitted.

Then I was thinking, what about I change the ticket to other dates for economy fare instead of XL, then maybe name changed is permitted. I just wanted to call and confirm this before I proceed.

The f***ing service was damn disappointed. I tried calling from yesterday onwards around 2.30pm, waited for more than 15 mins in the queue still no response. Every half an hour I tried. Not only that, sometimes the line is so busy cannot get through also. Even at night around 8.30pm I called, still waited for more than 10 mins. I gave up!!!! Even Astro is not that bad. Damn shit service, the telling you, " All our sales agent are still busy, we'll be with you as soon as possible"
I wonder whether there are enough sales agent ?
The second message was " All our sales agent are still busy due to overwhelming response of our promotion, we will be with you as soon as possible."
If calling them is so difficult, they expect all single info is in their website itself? My goodness....their terms and conditions are mainly to their advantage!

The worst case, it is not written in their website the operation hour, I call again around 915pm, I was told that their operation hour of is from 8am - 9pm.
Fine, I call this morning, sharp at 8am. Still made me wait for 10 mins, then an idiot picked up the phone, I said sarcastically" I never knew early in the morning, there is so many calls, you still made me waited for 10 mins." She answer, " We just open at 8am." Then suddenly got DISCONNECTED. Yes, I don't know is accidental or what, finally, I got connected to the VVIP call centre, and I talk for less than 2 minutes, it got disconnected!!!!! Can you imagine my frustration?

Anyway, for your info, if you would like to make changes to your travelling date, even though the ticket is cheaper at antoher date, they will not refund the extra / difference. I read there is a stupid fee " Spoilage fee " haha, this is how they are making money!!!! Already they charged changing fee of RM200/=. Then, can I claim the telephone expenses I spent by calling them and waiting. I think at least I wasted RM20/=...just by waiting on the phone!!!

Finally, I called to a local travel agent that sell Air Asia ticket and got the answer!
The agent informed me that NO NAME CHANGE is allowed anyway, since the ticket is XL promotional fare. Stupid!!!!
I hate Air Asia policies and their service!!!


Duckie said...

oh i got the same bad service too!! i changed date and incurred a whole lot more costs!!! wrote in to complain but no response.

SimpleGirl said...

yea, nobody is there to listen to you. They just don't care...coz business too good!

Anonymous said...

i've call airasia call centre using 0387754000 for call within malaysia today. the answering voice machine just keep telling me to wait until there are available customer service officer. i've waiting until more then 10 minutes and suddenly no more connection. it is because my phone prepaid credit have been deduct from $28.19 to only 26 cent left. they stole my $27.93 just using their phone line. to make it worst, i've not yet talk to their customer service and they already charged $27.93. wtf . so anybody who wish to call their call center.... just forget it.. it is better to buy a lot of food for your stomach than be cheated like me

SimpleGirl said...

anoymous, true, absolutely true! I called the same number....My expectation is not high, but at least hire some more people to attend calls at their call centre. Does it mean than we are paying lesser, we don't deserve good service? Aren't we pay less just for "no frills" concept in flight?

Grace Marie said...

Tony Fernandes still have time to write blog ...see this - but don't have time to think of some other ways to upgrade the services. why not try to complain at his blog. hahahaha~!!!

emotionalistic said...

Yes, I totally understand your frustration. I used to wait for long hours and called them for days before I get through. Very frustrating indeed. Btw, I did a change of date to my tickets as well and they chargde me RM50 for every ticket change made. And you can only make changes to a date before the original date. Any dates after are not accepted. This is the problem with monopolise business.

SimpleGirl said...

Grace, thanks for letting me know the blog, I will try to make a complain there,if possible!!!

Emotionalistic, thanks for understand my frustration and sharing your experience! Yea, what to do, they already monopolized!!

SimpleGirl said...

Dear readers, especially Grace, yes, I visit Tony's blog and drop him an email. To be surprise, he replied and apologize. He told that they are upgrading their call centre and by Dec it will be better.Hope so....anyway, at least he the big guy, the CEO replied...

os said...

I have the same problem. on facebook airasia deletes all messages about Spoilage Fee. So stupid pablic relation

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