Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Healthy & Simple Porridge

No matter how tasty is "dining out", nothing can be compared with a simple home cooked meal. As we are sure it is MSG free, less salt, less sugar, less oil &more hygienic.
Here is my sharing of simple , healthy & delicious porridge.
First of all, I will highly recommended this Sarawak Bario Brown Rice. I bought it from the Organic Shop, it is so tasty especially for making porridge. Nevertheless, my dear who doesn't like to eat brown rice also commented that it taste good. Some people are not used to the rough texture of brown rice. But, trust me, this is marvelous!
Firstly, wash the rice, and boil it.

Then, I opt to put my organic potatoes, organic tomatoes, carrots & onions into the porridge. It is like drinking ABC soup. Veg porridge can be as tasty as non-veg one.

Not to forget to add a pitch of sea salt to the porridge

" Healthier option of salt - compare to the bleached one"

To add to the taste, I also add this mushroom sauce to the porridge.

Mushroom sauce - is tasty to eat with porridge & noodles.

Not to forget, add some brewers' yeast as well. As it contains a natural source of Vit B and highly concentrated amounts of protein. Consumption of brewers' yeast will contribute to several health benefits such as reduced stress, increase metabolism and lower cholesterol.

And finally, the tasty, healthy, simple meal is served! ( Even though it doesn't look very nice, but is healthy, high fibre )

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