Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kajang Satay in Ipoh

After reading Se Teck's blog, we decided to give a try on Serai Sate Kajang at Medan Ipoh. In fact, this was the third attempt, finally we were able to try the satay! The first time, we reached there around 2.45pm, it was written on the board, open at 3pm. So, we waited until 3.15pm, those guys are still not willing to open. Fine, we left. Second attempt, we reached there at 4pm, still closed. Kind of disappointed, and thinking, it they do not want to open early, perhaps they should change the operation hour in order to avoid disappointment.

Anyway, this 3rd attempt, after shopping at Jusco, we felt a bit hungry, even though it was raining cats and dogs, we decided to give one more try! It was around 5.45pm we arrived at the restaurant, it seems that they just started the business??
We were the 2nd order. First of was take away order. However, by the time we left, around 6.30pm, the crowd slowly started coming, the restaurant was almost full.
In fact their menu was simply, mainly satay. We just tried the chicken satay, RM0.70/ stick. It was quite fleshy and tender! Worth the money actually!
They provided generous amount of sauce as well. ( Anyway, my dear felt that the normal satay sauce is tastier, but I feel these 2 mixture of sauce is nice also. )

The "Spicy sauce"

The normal " Peanut Sauce"

The fleshy & tender chicken satay.

Anyway, since they do not serve juice that day. We just ordered sky juice, it was F.O.C! We just paid nett for the amount of satay we ate! After eating the nice satay, I can concluded that it is worth trying, we don't feel too thirsty. ( Sometimes, some food taste good, just because of the "preservative" / MSG effect.)

p/s: the restaurant located at the last lot along Jalan Medan Ipoh 1E.


Duckie said...

looks like i need to take a trip down ipoh / perak soon!!! by the way, you've got nice songs on your blog!!

SimpleGirl said...

Yeah, Duckie, must come and try the food in Ipoh! There are quite a lot of nice food here....

Little Inbox said...

Big fat satay sticks le...Got 2 types of satay sauce some more.

SimpleGirl said...

little inbox, the satays are really "huge"...very tender and yummy sauce

J2Kfm said...

i passed by a few times, and mostly packed to the brim,

good for them!

SimpleGirl said...

motormouth, yea, by selling only satay, this one consider good business huh!?u try before?

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