Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mood Foods

Are you always hunger for sweet stuff? Or crazy about fried food ?

I read a book about food. According to recent research, the researchers found out that our moods may steer us to certain food....interesting

If you reach for : tough foods like meat , hard or crunchy foods
You may be feeling : Angry

If you reach for : sugars
You may be feeling : depressed

If you reach for: soft and sweet foods like ice-cream
You may be feeling: anxious

If you reach for: salty foods
You may be feeling: Stressed

If you reach for : bulky , fill-you -up foods like pasta or crackers
You may be feeling: lonely or sexually frustrated

If you reach for: anything and everything
You may be feeling : jealous

Anyway, how true is it?
It's up to you to judge.....


Grace Marie said...

i am a jealous pig...kuak kuak kuak~~!!!

Duckie said...

haha .. looks like i'm always jelous then!!!

SimpleGirl said...

haha....grace & duckie, I think we are have the "jealous" element, coz we all craze for all kinds of food...huh!!!

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