Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is my second visit to R U Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability. This restaurant wanted to promote eating at a more healthy way. I should not say the food are organic, but comparatively "natural". For example,they claimed that the pork they served is free of anti-biotic.

Why I go again? Hmm.....wanna to take a healthier lunch?? To check out other menu?
This time round, we ordered the Pear Red Date Tea. It is good. Taste naturally sweet and soothing.

RM5.80 / pot for 2 pax ( They will provide refill ---but I think they just add water only)

Since the so called natural / organic food is a bit bland, so we decided to order the curry.

Curry Chicken Rice ( Brown Rice ) - RM7.80
Taste rating : 6/10

Korean Bibimbap Curry DQ Chicken - RM 7.80
Taste rating - 5/10 ( The rice is a bit dry and the green veg is very bitter! )

We also ordered a dessert to share...but rather disappointing. Maybe I expected the crispy type but it is not!

Crepe - banana + peanut ( RM 3.80 )
Taste : 2/10 ..nothing special

Feel free to try out this restaurant for a change...maybe you'll like it...or??

Address:33, Jalan Medan Ipoh 4,
Bandar Medan Ipoh.


J2Kfm said...

yeah, my colleague complained the lack of taste and flavour. hehe ...
but what can one expect from such healthy food? :)

Duckie said...

you are so healthy!!! i so cannot eat like this ..

Little Inbox said...

Organic food? I like, I like!

SimpleGirl said...

motormouth, the other vegeterian organic shop i went really served better and tastier food lei!
Check it out!

Duckie, is not so bad...actually!

little inbox, yeah, eat organic , stay healthier and can enjoy food more food!!Haha

worldwindows said...

The green vege looks like spinach 'ball choy'. Yes it can be bitter. Wrong batch. But I love this variety of spinach.

SimpleGirl said...

hi world windows, thanks for dropping by. I am not sure whether the green veg is spinach....but if it is organic won't be so bitter!!!

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