Monday, November 3, 2008

Soya bean milk healthy

Nearly all Ipohites knows the famous "Funny Mountain" soya bean milk. Cars used to queue up to buy their tasty soya milk and tofu fah. To be frank, the problem we eaters afraid the most is when the restaurant / stall become famous, they will tend to be "laid back" and "commercialize" the quality. This really disappoint us...huh?!
In fact, last year, one of my experience when I bought "mix" ( Mixture of soya bean milk & grass jelly), there was a dead fly inside, luckily I notice, or else...anyway, I already drank some. To my surprise, when I told the owners' son about it, he just said, "Oh, really? I guess maybe it is the grass jelly supplier giving us bad quality jelly, I will inform them about it. Sorry ya!" THAT's it....anyway, I will will them chances, even after that experience, I used to go as well...but the mediocre quality nowadays really disappoint me. I still remember earlier, you can taste more soya bean than sugar, nowadays in order to meet the demand, all bottle are pre-packed, no more demanding less sugar already.

Anyways, I found out that there's 2 more stalls which sells tastier soya bean milk is along Jalan Horley ( same road with Pusing Mun Chong). They are famous of the green soya milk( made from vege + soya bean). I tried their soya bean milk & Tofu Fah --- very yummy!!
Another shop I tried it by accident....The name of the shop is Yong He Soya Milk at Medan Ipoh Bistari. ( Along the same road with Seri Kajang Satay & SSTC)The shop sells mainly "snack" and soya bean milk. It seems that is from Taiwan. The soya bean milk taste rich, for me is a bit sweeter, but some says just nice. Anyway, it is worth trying. A big class of drink cost RM2/=. They do sell some snacks and salty soya milk. Since I didn't try their food...not so sure about the taste..anyway, seeing the crowd, I guess should be quite ok ya!


ck lam said...

Will try out the soya milk that you recommend in Jalan Horley...I went to Mun Chong a few times and I think I will be able to find this soya milk.

SimpleGirl said...

Yea, CK, I think U'll like it. In fact, I saw some newspaper interviewed them before, as they paste it in the shop.Enjoy

J2Kfm said...

the horley street one no longer sell taufufa with so many flavours. last time got mango, strawberryy etc.

now only normal and pandan. =(
seems bizness not so brisk.

the Yong He i passed by the other day, but closed for dinner! and we were circling the place for carpark some more. argh ....

SimpleGirl said...

Motormouth, I went to SSTC to try out their spagethi the other day, to be frank, I don't like it and feel is not so value for money lei...then I just thought of trying Yong He coz was quite crowded on Sun afternoon.

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