Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Citrus Wine & Dine

There are not much nice western food or fine dining choices in Ipoh. This one which I am going to share is one of the few which I feel serves nice food, or the typcial Malaysian usage, "Got standard" one. Generally this restaurant price is on the high side, however, their set lunch is quite reasonable & affordable @ RM17.90 per set.

First come the onion soup

Mr. P ordered this Chicken set with Thai sauce

I ordered spaghetti

Ms. S ordered salmon sashimi - very fresh, taste great - RM24.00 & Garlic Bread @ RM7.00

The dessert comes with set lunch - banana crepe - taste is ok

Last but not least, during one of our visit for coffee, we ordered this chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream, it was very nice and looks nice as well....

This restaurant does not offered a good spread of cakes, but this was quite nice. I have not tried a lot of their menu, mostly visit for set lunch. Hmm..They serves Wagyu beef - for those who loves beef ( I guess only a few restaurant in Ipoh serves Wagyu)
I recommend this restaurant if you feel like having some nice western food, of course, the best in town still is Indulgence, however it is quite pricey , perhaps you can opt for this one.?!

My self rating for the restaurant:
Ambience: 8/10
Price: 6/10
Taste: 8/10
Service: 8/10

No 38-46, Laluan Ipoh Perdana,
31400, Ipoh, Perak.
(Near BBT or what the local called " Siew Kui Lam" after Ipoh Garden East)
Tel: 05- 5451010


Penang Tua Pui said...

hmm.. nice finding... and review...

another place to hang out when I make a trip there... yum yum..

btw.. nice blog u had,,,

Duckie said...

the salmon looks very nice. i love salmon!!!

SimpleGirl said...

Thanks Penang Tua Pui for your compliment, I will keep going....a lot of room for improvement still..

Yes, duckie, the salmon was nice and fresh!

Pete said...

Should be very easy to find this place, after exiting the h'way at Ipoh south. Nice review. Cheers

worldwindows said...

Ipoh is catching on the western fare. Hope to eat this when back.

SimpleGirl said...

yes, Pete, it's very easy to find this place ya! Thanks for dropping by!

Worldwindows, you should give a try when you are here!

J2Kfm said...

hey, i still find Citrus food a tad better than Indulgence. but that's my opinion.

SimpleGirl said...

J2Kfm, yea, food wise, it's very individual lei....different people have different liking!

cariso said...

banana crepe but green in colour one?! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, randomly bumped into your blog while blog surfing in the middle of the night (via j2kfm). I have to say that Indulgence is simply toilet where as Citrus 'can still make it'.

(btw I reviewed both restaurants while in Malaysia and you can read both reviews on my blog)

SimpleGirl said...

cariso, the outside is pandan..that's why green lah.there's real banana inside..

Genuiness, thanks for dropping by. I did check out your blog, comparatively, U gave 2/10 for Indulgence, and some only 0/10...anyway, tasting for food is quite individualistic, and Malaysia western food standard can never compete with Western country.

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