Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fruits Rojak - Canning Garden

Rojak or literally "mixed up" is definetely a truly Malaysian version of salad. There are different types of rojak with different types of dressings.For example, Pasembor or Indian rojak normally contains bean curd, boiled potatoes, hard boiled egg with sweet & spicy thick peanut sauce. Here, I am going to share is the fruit mixture rojak.

This stall "parks" in front of New Hollywood coffee shop in Canning Garden. His secret recipe is the sauce - the shrimp paste dark thick sauce. I like it because it is thick,unlike some, whereby the sauce is too dilute, not "shiok". His sauce is really good.

Of course, I still prefer the Penang version, there is one stall selling at Gurney Drive hawker adds caramel honey to the shrimp paste sauce, which taste superb good! BTW, the Penang version of rojak normally have cuttlefish, youtiao( Chinese fritters), bean sprout, taupok( deep fried taufu ) & jambu air ( water apple ) as well.

Come back to this on in Ipoh, his sauce dressing is thick with generous amount of peanut adds into the mixture of fruits ( I ordered pineapple, mangoes and cucumber ) and most importantly his wife home made prawn fritters, makes a perfect plate of rojak!

The ingredients

The others to be added to the shrimp paste sauce - finely chopped roasted peanuts and the chili paste

The prawn fritters

Can see the prawns also..

The ingredients cut into wedges will then be mixed with the sauce

The rojak

The uncle selling rojak ( with his permission )

His stall looks clean for a hawker standard

His stall in front of the coffee shop. He opens around 11am till 2pm - 3pm here.


Ah Lock said...

Seen this stall. This place near to my home sweet home. Me loves rojak, both Chinese or Indian version. Never tried this uncle's rojak though. In Jelapang, Ipoh, there are two 'famous' rojak as well. Ask around when in Jelapang and the locals will give you the right direction. Will give this uncle a try...his rojak, I mean. Ha ha.

SimpleGirl said...

Hi Ah Lock, you mean Jelapang town? I will check it out if I go to that should check this out ya! I am sure you'll like it too!

CY said...

The new Jelapang Rojak stall is opened on 3/3/09.
A bit more spicy than other but i love spicy.
And there got bubur manis n economic fried noodles n rice.
The main point is, everything sell in the lowest price if compare with the 2 previous stalls.

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