Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Beer

I can't even remember since when Ipoh started having Ice Beer. I am not an alcohol person, but since people around me do drinks, I got a chance to check out this place perhaps 2 years ago?!!( can't remember exactly).
The so called ice beer selling here is simply frozen the beer, I guess?! Anyway, the ice like feeling, according to drinkers, it's having the "feel good" factor.
In fact, I found out that the real ice beer is produced through an ice brewing process, whereby the temperature is reduced to minus 4 degree when ice crystals begin to form. However,the crystals will then be removed. According to Calsberg website, it says that ice beer should be rich in flavour, smooth and easy to drink.
I have no comment...for those who like beer...should give some comment whether the ice beer here is different from the normal chilled beer?

Here you go, the Ipoh version of Ice Beer...

As far as I know, there a few ice beer stall around old town Ipoh. Operating only for dinner. Of course besides selling ice beer, there are a lot of dishes served. personally, I feel that food wise, it is just ok only...nothing to shout about. As for beer, is a good experience, at least for a change..ya!

We ordered a few dishes along with the ice beer...
The fried "Kam Foong" fish - RM30.00

The fried chicken - MR15.00- even though look not very attractive, taste was good!

"Kam Heong" La la -RM16.00

The buttered crab- RM 38.00 - for 3 crabs

Fried Ikan bilis with chilies & onion - nice snack for beer drinking - RM10.00


Grace Marie said...

Ice beer? I've only heard of snow beer in Ipoh. I've tasted that before and there's nothing special about it. It is just the normal beer served in cool or refrigeratored glass and it will just freeze the foam for a while. The glass will be replaced from time to time when its already turn to normal temperature. Anyhow the food there is nice but i found it a bit oily.

SimpleGirl said...

grace, ice beer and snow beer is the same. this one not only the glass is refrigerated, the beer also is frozen, got ice when U drink it...yea, food is a bit oily..

worldwindows said...

Food pricey? Fried and spicy. To balance the beer or the other way round?

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows, personally I feel is quite pricey...for Ipoh standard..they have other dishes besides the fried and spicy...perhaps is to balance the beer haha

kennhyn said...

snow beer seems cool, but I don't think got any special into it, beside turning into ice. As it solid up, the beer will lose it taste....did I explain too much, I should try to know...cheers!

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