Friday, December 19, 2008

Restaurant Overseas Ipoh

Restaurant Overseas Ipoh is one of the famous Chinese dining in here. Some people have labelled it as the expensive one. In fact, it is, but food taste matches the price.

This time we ordered some not so expensive dishes at the expensive restaurant since only 3 pax dining, we can't order much also.

Personally, I feel this is the best Char Siew in town, nicely BBQ, which the sweetness and saltiness is well balanced.

RM16.00 - for a small portion

Then, the seafood Wat Tan Hor, with prawns, squids and "yu wat" - fish ball

RM 16.00

For those who love soup noodle, you may opt for this Soup Mei Sin


What about some yong tau foo in claypot


Lastly, some dessert - the Lotus Wo Tip


Since this restaurant is well known for Ipohite about the quality, I don't have to say much...if you love Char Siew and have not try their Char Siew before, it is a must try!!


Steven Goh said...

Wah the char siew like that also RM16 ah really a bit expensive leh. I think the name of the restaurant really match the price. Is the oversea price selling malaysian food.

desmond-t said...

Hmm looks nice! HUngry in the midnite while reading this blog LOL

seriously, it's a lil too expensive for me to go to this restaurants to eat... but if i have the $$$, sure try la! looks so yummy wor!

i live to eat!!!

Grace Marie said...

yeah, it's really expensive. even a simple 'vegetable goreng' also cost RM 30. Forget about the fish and chicken. it's cutting throat. i wouldn't dine there if i were to fork out my own money unless i got a treat. :-P

Duckie said...

OMG the char siew looks really good!!!

Little Inbox said...

The Char Siew is really thickly sliced. I like the thinly slice version. :) I just took my wat tan hor last night.

worldwindows said...

I like the Wat Tan Hor with yu wat in Ipoh with its gravy thickened with lots of eggs. This is esp. so for Ipoh Wat Tan Hor.

SimpleGirl said...

Steven Goh, yes, the food is a bit pricey there!But delicious!

desmond -t, must try! I am sure U will like it!

Grace, hmm, I am sure U will get a treat soon! haha

duckie, yes, the char siew tastes great!

Little Inbox, even though it is a bit thick, but can be comparable to the thin one!

Worldwindows, yes, Ipoh Wat Tan Hor is superb!! Proud to be an Ipohite!

CakeItaly said...

Wow fantastic ideas for my next lunch with my friends.

Bye from Italy by - A taste of Italian sweets

SimpleGirl said...

cakeItaly, thanks for dropping a great place for dining!

Malaysia Food Blog said...

Wah..the char siew looks very delicious lea! My hometown which is Taiping, Perak got a restaurant just sell chicken rice all that 1, their char siew also very nice and the price is reasonable!

SimpleGirl said...

Malaysia Food Blog, thanks for dropping by..I love the food in Taiping too...nice and reasonable price

New Kid on the Blog said...

this is the famous restaurant in Ipoh!! good choice!

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