Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Soup noodle stall@Perak Lane,Penang

We went to this road side stall near Perak Lane traffic light for soup noodle. They have variety of seafood noodle and porridge here. The place is recommended by my friend and it was crowded on a Friday night, however waiting time was not long, and the food was tasty. Worth a try if you love soupy food!

I ordered mix pork and fish pieces beehoon, very good. The soup is quit clear without much MSG. Fresh ingredients as well!Yummy!!!

The fish pieces beehoon ordered by my friend

There is another stall selling this Thai style tofu, very nice finger food...

Not to forget the peanut soup dessert, the Penang version...also taste good!

This place open at night only. I saw others ordered crab noodles also look yummylicious! Check this out!

Lastly, wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nancy's Kitchen- Nyonya Delights@ Melaka

Besides chicken rice balls and satay celup, another thing one shouldn't miss is of course Nyonya food whenever you are in Melaka.
After our visit to Baba Nyonya Heritage, we hop on for lunch off Jonker Street at Nancy's Kitchen.

We do not want something heavy, so I ordered a bowl of nyonya laksa.
My bowl of Nyonya laksa was really mouthwatering, where the "lemak" is just nice and fragantly mix with the noodles, fish balls, taupoh and vege. Simply delicious!! RM4.

We also ordered belacan fried rice, which turns out to be tasty, but nothing much to shout about. RM6.

The fried squid is crispy and nicely battered, perfect for those who loves squid and fried food.RM10.

Last but not least, my favourite dessert, cendol to cool off.
Perfect! I simply love the gula melaka fragant!!!RM2.50

Not to forget to grab some Nyonya kuih sold at Nancy's Kitchen. I bought the ondeh ondeh -was really really superb!!
There's spread of nyonya kuih, pineapple tarts, cakes, and even home made chili paste available.

Overall, the meal was satisfactory!

7, Jalan Hang Lekir,
Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lok, 75000, Melaka.
Tel: 06- 283 6099

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hock Chuan Heong, Macallum Flat, Penang

My local friend called it the "Oh shop" or oysters house, as the name itself tells you that their speciality is oysters. He we arrived there around 12pm, the place already super crowded, not only that, with limited parking, we were lucky to get one after 2nd round of searching.

Since we plan to eat 5 meals or more a day, we only ordered 3 dishes to try. The oyster fried Tong Fun or glass noodle. The skillful chef cook this dish in perfection. I have nothing to complain, it's just that oysters given is too small...haha... 8/10

The deep fried battered prawn, fresh prawns, nicely battered, lovely! A perfect dish for those who love crispy stuff! 9/10

Last but not least, the stir fry bean curd with leeks and prawns recommended by them. This dish is ok, but nothing much to shout about. 5/10

Total damage including one pot of chinese tea is RM48.
The food was decent& MSG level was low, indeed my cup of tea! I will definitely go back for the noodles, as I wanted to try the hokkien noodle as well. I saw next table ordered steamed fish, seems to be very tasty.

Hock Chuan Heong
344-G-5 Pengkalan Weld
10300 Penang
( 5th Street 五條路)
Tel: 04-2611004
Closed on Sunday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Penang Goh Huat Seng Teochew Charcoal steamboat & almond dessert

I always love Goh Huat Seng steamboat. Many years back, ever since my friend introduced this place to me, this place becomes one of my favourite place for steamboat. The soup base is so nice, and ingredients are fresh!
This time round, I decided to drop by for a perfect old school charcoal steamboat.

If I am not mistaken, my last visit was 4 years ago. I can really feel that with the same amount of money, RM40....the portion served has become much smaller.

Thank God, the taste remains the same!

We also ordered their fried dumpling recommended by the auntie taking our order. I'll give 5/10 for this dish.

The fried oyster, used to very good, this time round, a bit over cooked. I will give 6/10.

Another dish we ordered - teochew fried noodle - this is good! Even though it looks a bit bland, coz it's fried without dark sauce, but it's nicely fried with enough "wok hei" - 7/10!

Total damage was RM74 for 4 pax.
For other review on Goh Huat Seng, please refer to CK & Little Inbox's blog.
Address: 59A, Kimberly Street, Penang.

After dinner, we walk further down Kimberly Street for almond dessert.
This is my first time taking almond tong sui with Yau Char Kwai- hmm something special...and quite like it also. Normally I only take Yau Char Kwai with porridge, Bak Kut Teh soup or even with black coffee.....never know yau char kwai with almond tong sui also not bad ya!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Balik Pulau Food@Penang

My friend brought us to Balik Pulau for it's famous pasembur and laksa soon after we arrived at Penang. I really miss pasembur in Penang, as here in Ipoh, it's not common, poor me, I don't even know where to get it.
The pasembur sauce was really good, plus the crispy fritters and fresh cucumber & chinese turnip, I would say it was so satisfactory!!!

Of course the laksa also equally satisfactory! I love this version more than Air Itam one. Anyway, food tasting is very personal, so there is not right or wrong ya!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chee Kei 池記 Wanton Mee, Jln Yau Tet Shin

I just blogged about Kheng Hai Coffee Shop a.k.a pink colour shop wanton mee, and now I've tried another wanton mee diagonally opposite pink colour shop and directly opposite Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken - the name of the wanton mee is Chee Kei 池記.
Sounds familiar? Yes, there is a famous Chee Kei wanton mee in Hong Kong.

Yes, the noodle here is not the normal noodles we get out there, it's rather springy and more like the Hong Kong style. Operating for more than 40 years, from father to son, this special recipe wanton mee is definetely worth a try!

My favourite dumpling, oh, dumpling, it's super nice, yes nicer than pink colour shop. And wanton is also great! I tell you, the dumpling and wanton make me feel like having more and more!!! It's more like the quality one served at home, they are not stingy on the ingredients.

Another famous dish here is the braised spare ribs is the customers' favourite order. I noticed nearly every table order this. This is perfect match with my dry wanton mee.

A place you shouldn't miss if U love wanton mee, dumpling and wanton.

p/s:The couple selling wanton mee is friendly, food is of good quality, super low MSG level, the place is clean and price is super reasonable. Drop by for your perfect plate of wanton mee for breakfast!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Zaru Soba - my healthy and easy "fast food"

Yesterday when I went for my grocery shopping at Jusco, I bumped into this lovely healthy food for dinner - Zaru Soba!
2 portions of buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce@ RM7.90. Without second thought, I grabbed it! Comparatively, it's cheap, as compare to Korean instant noodles. No doubt, buckwheat is much much more healthier and lower in calories. It is high in fiber, amino acids and rich in Vit B.

I follow the instructions, cook the noodles in boiling water for 2.5mins and then take it out and cool it down with cold water.
As for the dipping sauce, simply mix the packet of sauce with cold water.

Perfect, my dinner is served within 5 mins- buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce top with seaweed!

Merely RM4 for zaru soba - what a good deal!!! As far as taste is concerned, it's quite ok!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Choy Kee@ Ipoh Garden Jln Lau Pak Khuan

Choy Kee & Yeh Loi Ong ( both situated side by side) are quite economical and fast serving when it comes to a good dinner.
We dined at Choy Kee because of their economical order dishes.......check out what we ordered.

Salted egg crab

Fried "Ma Yau" - this is a simple but delicious dish I love!

Kao Yuk

Belacan Kangkung

Steamed chicken

This is surely a place for nice and quick dinner!
Location: Jalan Lau Pak Khuan, next to AmBank. Opposite Post Office

Friday, November 27, 2009

Riche Montana Korean BBQ Buffet@ Ipoh Garden South

I don't know how many Ipohites are reading this blog, but my bad experience at Riche Montana must be shared.

I heard some feedback about this place, but without trying, I won't be having solid opinion. Price @ RM29.90+ for adult and RM19.90+ for children, the spread of food was just too limited!!!!! They called themselves as buffet, my goodness!!!
Not only spread was limited, quality of food was super mediocre, only one of two marinated beef and chicken were nice....and the Korean pickles were up to mark. Other than that, overall the buffet was SUPER LOUSY.

oNLY THESE beef were nice.....

the prawns & crabs were not fresh, fish pieces were ok, but too garlicky( as the marination is garlic based)!!!

Some cold and so called "tempura" for you to reheat

The pickles were nice

The 3 types of so called dessert / cake served ......super normal, can get at pasar malam type

3 types of sushi served....ok lah, edible

I told myself I will not eat any buffet here in Ipoh, there were a few steamboat cum BBQ buffet I had was unsatisfactory....I don't mind limited choice, but give us at least quality food!!!
To name a few, Heritage Hotel Hi Tea buffet - serving worst than some lousy street food, price@ RM19.90/pax, limited selection
Casurina Hotel, Buffet Lunch, below average quality!
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