Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Indulgence Ipoh

Indulgence - the name itself sends us the message which type of target market this restaurant is aiming at - of course the up market and those who can indulge in spending RM30 just for a salad and much more shocking price on the menu! Of course, for me, the food really taste great, but cannot afford to be a frequent visitor, because my pocket does not allow me to be indulged so much!!! Ha ha....

It has been almost 6 months I didn't step into this place. I miss the tiramisu there a lot, so decided to indulge myself...once a while is ok right?

The bungalow - outside view of the restaurant. The dining place occupies the whole ground floor, while the boutique hotel is at the 1st floor. Price starts at RM400/night...

The stairways to heaven - - - I mean the hotel's room

The cake session

The hot chocolate - cost RM14 - my goodness!!! Feedback from my sis - ok only!

My latte - RM10 - nothing very special

The bread - this is really good!!

The pizza - FIDEL - with mozzarella and fontina cheese, sun dried tomatoes, caramelized figs and chicken - cost RM32

Does not look very special, but taste is good.The amount of cheese are generous and the base is thin and crispy!

Last but not least, the tiramisu - my love, cost RM14/ piece!!!

I know the traditional tiramisu is made from ladyfingers soaked with coffee and rum, this one I can't find the ladyfingers in this. I don't think there is liquor added as well...but I just love the taste, who cares whether it is authentic right?

My self rating:
Ambiance: 9/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Taste: 8/10
Price: 3/10
Service: 8/10

p/s: If there is any special occasion, like birthday/ anniversary or you want to impress someone, this is the right place to dine!

The restaurant:
14, Jalan Raja Hilir ( Jalan Tambun),
30350, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 255 7051
Closed on Monday & Tuesday


foodbin said...

looks like they served only western cuisine-good ambience

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, yes, it is a western food specialist here in Ipoh...

Duckie said...

this place is very nice!!! my friend had her wedding there last year!!! she booked the whole place

SimpleGirl said...

Duckie, yes, this place has got very nice ambiance!

worldwindows said...

Entered into my calendar for a CNY outing when in Ipoh. Thanks for the introduction!

SimpleGirl said...

worlwindows, hope you and family will enjoy the dining experience!

J2Kfm said...

aiyo ... i cannot stand another visit lah. too taxing. :)
hahaha... but seriously,
i find the food mediocre only, service also not so good anymore.

SimpleGirl said...

J2kfm, hmm....sometimes food taste is very personal, depends on what you ordered. Anyway, their business has been better and better lei

Health Freak Mommy said...

My hubby loves Indulgence. Whenever we r bk in Ipoh, he will surely bring me there 4 lunch. But very costly 4 Ipoh standard hor?

SimpleGirl said...

HealthFreakMommy, yes, is very costly for Ipoh standard.

Anonymous said...

DISCLAIMER: the comment below is meant to be funny, so don't take it personally.

SG: while I agree that there may be some variance when it comes to taste, the problem I find with indulgence is:

a) the technique and execution of the dishes are lacking. For example, you go order steam fish in a chinese restaurant - but the fish comes out to be dry and hard because they over steam it... surely that is just poor cooking right? Similarly, at Indulgence, I ordered a souffle, a dessert which is technically quite difficult, and was served a floppy, wet mess.

Moral of the story no.1: Don't put an item on the menu if you can't do it well.

b) Some of the dishes barely resemble what the actual dish is. Ok for example, you go out and order a roti canai, but the roti you get served tastes and looks more like chappati (even though the guy insists that this is roti canai) Similarly, at indulgence, I had blueberry crumble which was in actual fact a blueberry cake with crumble topping.

Moral of the story no.2 - Don't call a dish what it is not because it will just piss people off.

c) Portions are very kiamsap. Before you say 'this is fine dining so of course it is small', Indulgence is nowhere near fine-dining standards even for Malaysia (e.g. Lafite, Third Floor, Shook) let alone in Europe. And more importantly, said even the fine-dining places in Malaysia have bigger portions.

Moral of the story no.3 - if you want to charge KL prices, you have to have KL standard, KL portions and KL service.

d) There is almost like 50 items on the menu not including specials (so the total is around 60). The more dishes you have, the more there is going to be a fluctuation in quality of dishes and also keeping all the ingredients fresh. Also try coming at 8pm on a Saturday night and the dinner service becomes farcical as they cannot manage with so many orders. In contrary, most fine dining restaurants in the UK have about 20 items total on the menu, instead focusing on the freshness and consistency of the food. To keep interest of the customers, menus are frequently changing. Western cooking is not like chinese cooking where you it can be cooked to order. A lot of prep work has to be done beforehand especially in making the sauce.

Moral of the story no.4 - Unless you run a burger stall or have 20 chefs in the kitchen, keep the number of items on the menu down to 25.

Not to condescend you, I can safely say that I have better knowledge of western cuisine than you (based on the fact that I a) live in England, b) eat european cuisine on a daily basis - last Chinese meal was a month ago). The fact that Indulgence is even mentioned 'good' is because of what I call the Lemming effect. One person says it is good and a hundred drones follows suit.

Moral of the story no.5: Ipoh people always claim that they have the best food, but most haven't even travelled further than Tapah.

Btw, the bread at indulgence is horrible (although it is much better than what you can get in Ipoh).

Also if you haven'tried it, the best tiramisu in Ipoh is at Italia Mia - when bk in msia, I go there specifically to eat their tiramisu. (not that I ever come back nowadays)

ahlock said...

Had the luck of going to Indulgence for my CNY company dinner. All these while, had only heard of Indulgence, some sang praises, some scoff at the exorbitant prices.

I have no problems with the price (Cause I'm not paying the bills, ha ha ha...)

Food is good, depending on what you eat. But I find the 'mini' drumstick too dry and tasteless for my liking. I'm not sure if the drumstick belong to a chicken, duck, pigeon or whatever animals out there that has a drumstick ala mini.

Overall, my experience there is considered pleasant. Due to the relaxing ambience, perhaps?

Had to struggle with the drumstick. Wished there is an open window where I could fling that piece of nightmare out with a fork.

I didn't touch the desserts in the form of cookies. There were comments that they were too sweet.

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