Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laksa - Gunung Rapat Ipoh

Ipoh is not famous for assam laksa. The laksa you can get here will be a bit different from Penang. However, there is one nice assam laksa stall opposite Gunung Rapat Market, worth trying!!

The laksa soup, with generous amount of fish pieces, sliced cucumber, sliced unions, sprinkle with mint leave, and optional shrimp paste to add into soup!

The noodle

The best to have this crispy 腐皮 to enjoy along with the laksa

Not to forget, to have a nice lemon drink, superb combination with my yummy laksa!

Look for this name - 馳名基婆喇沙 - quite funny ya! The shop just sell laksa, opposite Gunung Rapat wet market, open for lunch.


J2Kfm said...

oh yeah this... fei por laksa or something like that right?

but sadly, i'm not a fan of laksa .. =P

unless siamese laksa, nyonya laksa, or curry laksa. bad exp with assam laksa b4.

Little Inbox said...

Ipoh laksa? Really look like Penang laksa.

Uncle Lee said...

Sure making me miss the ones in Penang.
Ipoh more noted for its 'sar hor fun' I guess.
Fortunately we have lots of Malaysians here from Ipoh and Penang and surprisingly all the wives can cook well and thus we get to eat Penang, Ipoh etc dishes when having get togethers.
You have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

Duckie said...

looks like penang laksa!!

SimpleGirl said...

J2Kfm, oh, you are not a fan of laksa...but this is is good, no fishy smell haha, maybe you will give a try!??

Litlle inbox & Duckie, yea, it looks like Penang one, but taste a bit different.

Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy your weekend too! Hmm, laksa is not something easy to prepare at home is easier to go out and eat haha...

Soleil said...

oh yes.... I really miss the laksa at this store. there is actually another one, just down the road, in a corner coffee shop. That store is opened by one of the sisters, taste pretty good too! But I still this one.

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