Monday, January 12, 2009

Overseas Restaurant - Chinese Fine Dining?!

I was invited to enjoy a 7-course Chinese Fine Dining at Overseas aka Haewaytian. Wonder how Chinese fine dining looks like, do check this out.....

The first dish - Shark Fin Soup - with scallop, sea cucumber, prawn and crab meat.

Then, comes the second dish

On one side, prawn top with fish egg, at the bottom is apple salad

The other side is the noddle at the bottom and fish cake on top of it with cucumber

The overall presentation is cool - at first glance really looks like Western fine dining...ya

Here comes another surprise - looks like burger right?

Haha- is actually the Chinese Man Tao with deer meat

The fourth dish - a nice Chinese name is given 金砖烩双筋 - the golden brick is tofu and the muscles, I am not very sure - but should be pork and beef muscle ( at the bottom )

Then comes the cod fish

It's Chinese dining, so rice is a must - the fried rice with beans and other veg - top with salted egg yolk - the crispy veg at the side is Chinese broccoli - kailan

Last but not least - the desserts
Nicely presented - but it's actually the "kuih dadah" - coconut fillings with gula melaka

And the sweet corn tong sui

It was a sumptuous meal, really. Everyone enjoyed and of course, I appreciate the creativity of the chef. Overall food is good and we were enjoying the presentation of food, dining experience and of course, not to forget guessing on some of the ingredients ( later, we check with the manager to confirm also ). It is something special to explore. Guess how much is the set per pax? or how much you are willing to spend ??


Selba said...

We called the "kuih dadah" as "kue dadar" in Indonesia. Like how they presented it with the pandan leave :)

SimpleGirl said...

Thanks Selba for your info and thanks for dropping by...hmm, I hope I will have a chance to check out the kue dadar in Indonesia as well!

Grace Marie said...

ermmmmm......Rm250 per pax?

Duckie said...

looks expensive!!!

SimpleGirl said...

Grace, is not so expensive, is only RM84nett, quite ok right?

Duckie, is RM84nett/ pax

worldwindows said...

This is first I seen this in Overseas!!!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Simple girl, wayyyy to go. The dishes look absolutely delicious. And I have not seen such style presentations too.
What I call dining in style.
You keep well and have fun, best regards, Lee.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Is this the famous Ipoh Overseas Chinese Restaurant??
Am surprise they have something like a fine dining kind of cuisine leh.

SimpleGirl said...

Worldwindows, yeah, that was my first time seeing it at Overseas as well...should be quite new

Uncle Lee, yes, is kind of lifestyle dining. You too, have fun!

New kid on the blog, yes this is Ipoh Overseas Chinese restaurant, I guess they have this new Chinese modern dining set recently, for a change.It's my first time trying as well.

ck lam said...

It is indeed new to see the serving of "kuih dadah" in Chinesse Dining, especially so in Oversea Restaurant.

J2Kfm said...

the dishes looked fusion. Delight Seafood serves lamb and pork chops as well, with an Oriental twist.

guess the sheer number of Chinese restaurants bred creativity to overcome the competition?

SimpleGirl said...

CK, yeah, it's quite shock to see them serving the kuih dadah in a nicer way there....creative?!

J2Kfm, yea in order to differentiate themselves from other ordinary Chinese restaurant, they have to come out with something special ya!

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