Sunday, January 4, 2009

Zanmai Sushi - The Gardens

If you are sushi or Japanese food lover, this is a place you shouldn't miss. Even though Zanmai is catogorised as Japanese "fast food" like Sushi King and Genki, personally I feel in terms of price and quality of food, it is really value for money. Not to mentioned, it is located in The Gardens, I guess, comparatively it is the most affordable besides the food court.

Anyway, the food was lovely.

The Salmon Sashimi - RM6.00 for 3 pieces - very fresh!!!

Prawn Tempura Thick Roll - RM6.00

Soft Shell Crab Thick Roll - RM6.00

Chicken Katsu Curry - RM 10.80

We did order one more soft shell crab handroll, which I forgot to snap photo - cost RM4.80 only. My personal overall rating is 8/10 for value of money dining. The total bill was RM 41.15 inclusive of 15% survice charge and tax.


Allie said...

yum yum.. soft shell crab is one of my favourite!

SimpleGirl said...

Yes, Allie, me too love soft shell crab!!

Little Inbox said...

Hmm...too delicious till you forgot to take photo le?

Duckie said...

oh so this place is at gardens ... i saw the other shop zanmai pasta (or something like that) and i was so disappointed that they dont have sushi.

SimpleGirl said...

Yes, Little Inbox, absolutely....haha

Duckie, yes, Zanmai Sushi is different from Pasta Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai is in Midvalley Megamall, Zanmai Sushi in Gardens.

vkeong said...

I like sushi zanmai as well, beats sushi king and sakae sushi anytime.

worldwindows said...

I have tried Zanmai Pasta and the food is quality and the environment cosy. Zanmai Sushi should be there. The Katsu Curry looks interesting. Never tried Japanese curry before.

SimpleGirl said...

vkeong, yes, the quality is above average.

Worldwindows, Japanese curry is not very spicy, but it taste quite special, maybe you should check it out next time!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Simplegirl, love your pics. And those Malacca pics are really beautiful. Last I was in Malacca was wayyyyy back in the 80's.
You have a happy new year and best regards, Lee.

SimpleGirl said...

UNcle Lee, thanks for dropping by. Hmm, you should visit Melaka again, it's a lovely place ya! Happy New Year to you too!

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