Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Famous Curry Noodle @ opp MGS

If I am not mistaken this curry noodle shop is one of the oldest in town. Most Ipohite knows about it - that is Yee Fatt 怡發.

It's the second generation which is running the shop. Good thing is they still maintain the quality. Besides curry noodle, their "Egg Tea" also is famous.
The dry bee hoon curry noodle I ordered c/w chicken curry and char siew - RM4.00/=

The thick and rich curry is good, with generous amount of ingredients, satisfactory!
Self-rating: 7/10

Location: Jalan C.M Yusuff, opposite MGS, Methodist Girls' School, corner shop
Open for breakfast and lunch.


New Kid on the Blog said...

I thought the one that opposite the Police Station one is the famous one?? No ah??

Selba said...

The bee hoon curry looks so yummy *drooling*

SimpleGirl said...

NKOTB, oh, the one opp Police Station is different sytle. Anyway, I find that one lots of MSG haha, very thirsty after eating!

Selba, yea, the dry version is quite good here....

worldwindows said...

I will head for this one when in Ipoh. I have tried going to the Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low) a few times and turned away either too pack or closed.

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows, this one also is good, I hope you'll check this out during your next trip to Ipoh!

foodbin said...

chicken curry mee is mouthwatering-real lemak

ahlock said...

I've visited this place three times. Able to count from fingers of one hand :)

The reason? Hate the crowd...Plus the 'not so friendly' attitude of some workers.

Yee Fatt does bring back nostalgic memories. Used to hang around this area when I was little. And remember begging for some loose change from my parents to buy sweets from this coffee shop.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, yea, is real "lemak" here

ahlock, i went early in the morning,the crowd was not that bad la.....service, also good wo...maybe you can check out again!!

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