Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gold Coast Day 3 -Part 1

At third day of our trip, we visited the icon of Gold Coast - the Surfers Paradise. Even though we did not swim, we really enjoyed the smooth sand, beautiful blue sky, clear water and amazing waves there.

Beautiful beaches@ Main beach

Main beach is more quite compare to Surfers.....

At Surfers, we spotted an interesting scene...whereby a group of friends were wearing their themed T-shirts, taking photos...

See how cool these guys were....

For lunch, we headed to Peter's Fish Market, whereby you can pick the fresh seafood at your choice and they will cook it immediately for you.
Check this out

The super fresh lobster


The cooked prawns

Mussels, so big huh?!

Bugs - something I've seen for the first time, the taste is something like Mantis Prawns and Prawns. Very good!

These are the seafood we ordered from Peter's

The oven baked lobster with special sauce - I love it!

We ordered half dozen fresh and half dozen cooked oysters - both taste great. Freshness counts.....

There you go, the bugs

Last but not least, the fish, deep fried with breadcrumb coating...must try if you are fish lover!

Peter's Fish Market
120, Seaworld Drive Mainbeach,
P.O. Box 7041, Gold Coast Mail Centre
Ph:07 - 5591 7747

I can use one word to describe the meal: Satisfactory!!!


Duckie said...

the bugs looks like crab!!! must be nice to eat!!!

SimpleGirl said...

Bugs not exactly look like crab, Duckie....but the flesh are fat and taste good...

J2Kfm said...

freshness counts huh?
i'm thinking of going Aust lah ....
total expenditure for flight/stay/etc comes to?

SimpleGirl said...

J2kfm, you should check out MAS fare now, they have a special package to Brisbane/Gold Coast abt RM2600 including accommodation. Anyway, spare at least RM6K for about a week should be ok.
Yes, the seafood was super fresh, no comparison to our local one, my friend!

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