Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gold Coast Day 3 -Part 2

There are a lot of famous theme park in Gold Coast. Since the entry fee is quite pricey, we chose to go for Seaworld Cruise instead. The 2 hour cruise comes with full commentary and tea break snack. We were brought to see the dolphins, seagulls, wallabies and other natural beauties, not to forget those luxury houses along the seafront.It cost AUD59/adults.

Check out the luxury cruise

The captain seat, cool right?

Some nice scenery during the cruise

This is the most expensive resort in Gold Coast, according to the guide, it cost about USD6,000/night, attracts lots of famous Hollywood celerity like Madonna, Brat Pitt etc to put a night there.

Others nice photos I took on the cruise....

Since Thursday is shopping day here, we had a good time shopping until 9pm. Then, everyone was hungry, we headed to an Indian restaurant near our apartment for dinner. Everytime we passed by this place, the aroma of food was so tempted, we decided to give a try.

The Saffron Indian Gourmet

An extremely good ambiance dining place, food taste really good and authentic.

The first dish - Peas Pulao, AUD9.90

Fish Tikka, AUD16.50 - superb marination, taste good!

The fluffy naan -AUD5

Chicken Masala - AUD19.90 - spicy, burning but still love it!

It was a great meal. Self rating: 8/10
That's end of Day 3.....zzzzzzzzzz
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