Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Day at Gold Coast- Part 1

Time flies , here came the last day of our Gold Coast trip. We'll be flying off next day morning....
We had a great breakfast at The Coffee Club near Surfers Paradise. The Coffee Club is a franchise cafe like Coffee Bean here. It's worth a try if you visit Gold Coast.

We ordered Cafe Latte

And Chai Latte

Oh boy, both taste very good, is it because of the milk is better? May be ya?!!

And the food....
The Big Breakfast- omelet with toast

The Ham with Cheese Croissant

My self rating was 8/10. The croissant was not oily at all, fresh and match perfectly with the cheese and ham....make you feel like having more!!!

We continue some shopping after breakfast at Surfers Paradise.
Then, we headed to Wildlife Currumbin Santuary, about 15 mins drive from Broadbeach.

We stop at Currumbin Life Saving Club for a drink, check out the nice beach again

Nice to enjoy your drink / food with the beautiful beach in front of you....see how crowded is the place

Some Oz animals at Wildlife Currumbin
The relaxed kangaroos

Kangaroos hopping

The crocodiles---see how big his mouth was opened?!

The cute train we took to move around the park

The cute koalas

The peacock

Then, we just drop by the HoneyWorld opposite Currumbin....never forget to grab your bottle of honey, there's so many different choices...I especially love Eucalytus.


Health Freak Mommy said...

OH my, those food are making me drool, esp the coffee and the lobsters!

SimpleGirl said...

Health Freak Mommy, yeah, I really miss the coffee and seafood in OZ....

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