Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Day at Gold Coast- Part 2

After the visit to Currumbin, on the way back, we dropped by at Bond University, which Miss L is currently studying there. Bond is the first and largest private uni in Australia.

Here are some snaps taken at the campus

Since the campus is only about 20 years old, the building is more modern compare to the old uni like Sydney University.

Then, we grabbed some light food at The Mezzanine, Broadbeach as we did not take our lunch

Here you go, the prawns

Sexy Salad

The pie

Nice presentation, but taste was ok only.
But highly recommended s their coffee - they used the brand called CoffeX, so good!

We then proceeded to Beachfront Market at Esplanade, sURFERS' Paradise, which opens every Wednesday & Friday from 5.30pm-9pm.
Every stall sells unique thing, mainly handicrafts...worth to pay a visit.

We saw a man making sand image at may opt to take photos with the "Sand Elephant" , of course with a price! so nice ya!

The handmade soap stall, I bought 3 for AUD5

The clocks made from real glass bottle

Miscellaneous item at Beachfront Market...

Not to forget, the Lobsters with Noodle for dinner@ Live Seafood, Broadbeach

Next day, early in the morning, around 6am we headed to Coolangatta Airport. Bye bye Gold Coast


foodbin said...

you sure had a nice holiday, nice seafood too.

Steven Goh said...

wao... nice food, I love the sand elephant, that remind me of the one that I saw at st kulda. really wanna make a trip back there again.

worldwindows said...

Must be a good break. I enjoyed the trip vicariously.

Ms Viv said...

wah it's like you host a "Ho Chak" show. food you show so tempting la.. make me hungry only. hehehe.

SimpleGirl said...

Foodbin, yes, it was nice trip, I really enjoyed it!

Stven Goh, yea, lovely sand elephant ya...superb skills!

Worldwindows, hope you'll plan your trip soonest possible...

Ms Viv, yes, I shared mainly food experiences...hope you enjoy it!

Little Inbox said...

The prawns, the crabs, the lobsters and the fishes, everything in big size. Hehe, what a big different compared to what we get in Malaysia.

J2Kfm said...

very nice recollection of the trip,
thanks for the posts.

will be good reference if i ever go in the future.

SimpleGirl said...

Little Inbox, personally I feel that the seafood in OZ is super fresh, esp the oysters and lobsters. Therefore, even when they cook in simple way also nice.

J2kfm, no lah, I am not doing a very good job, just a simple sharing only...

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