Monday, February 23, 2009

MAS vs Air Asia

"Now Everyone Can Fly", the famous Air Asia tagline, makes us think that flying the low cost carrier should be cheaper than 5 star carrier, which provides full on board service. In fact, is a big NO! Only if you are lucky to get the zero fare or free seats offer, or even book long long time before your departure, it might be cheap.

My recent flight to GOLD COAST with Air Asia was a bad experience. Yes, we flown during peak time, which is Chinese New Year, but our ticket was booked in September, flying 4 months down the road, the the price is not cheap. Compare to Singapore Airlines 4 to fly promotion, price is more or less the same. We chose Air Asia because my dad didn't prefer a transit. Only Air Asia flies direct to Gold Coast. Both SIA and MAS stop at Brisbane only.

My dissatisfaction was:
1)I booked XL seats for my parents. The photo shown in their website was not as per the actual seat. There is leg rest on the photo, but in actual, NO!!!

2) As we know, everything needs to be an add on purchase for Air Asia. I add on comfort kit for my parents, since I sat in the economy or normal seat, I didn't know that they were not given the kit even though it was already paid. Later I check with my parents only I found out that. Stupid right?

3) During our returning trip, one air steward keep coming to the seats in front of us and chat. Yes, something like MSN, you can use their chat service to chat with another passenger. ( Don't worry, this is not a pay service, it's free!!!!haha ) It's really irritating!!!

4) The seat cannot be adjusted. It was not at all ergonomic for long haul flight. Imagine, sitting up straight for 8 hours?? Torturing!!! If I really pay much cheaper, I don't mind, but I am not!!!!

OK, having all these bad experience with the so called low cost carrier, before I did a purchase of ticket for my sister yesterday, I did a comparison.
SIA - flying - KL-SIN then SIN-BNE( RETURN) - the cost was AUD 1230 ( ONLINE BOOKING)
MAS - flying- KL-BNE (RETURN) - the price was AUD964 (ONLINE BOOKING)
AIR ASIA - flying - KL-OOL (RETURN) - the price was AUD984 - WITHOUT meal, as I didn't select the meal, the food sucks!

See, MAS is cheaper!!! Don't forget, flying the same 8 hours flight, Air Asia does not provide in flight entertainment, even "comfort kit" or a.k.a the blanket needs to pay, flying from LCCT, bad service of their crew ETC etc.....of course, I bought the ticket for my sis in April from MAS.
Should I change their tagline to "Not everyone can fly"....haha!!!


icered said...

don't believe airasia promotion ma...they just psycho customer to attract passenger to buy the ticket...choose mas better than that,u got services,save your money n time....airasia it so wost now

foodbin said...

mas service is good too

SimpleGirl said...

icered, yes, I agreed with you, they really try to psycho consumer!

foodbin, yes, no comparison in terms of service!!!

worldwindows said...

AirAsiaX not hacking it? I prefers AirAsia for short distances and quick ones. So far so good!

SimpleGirl said...

I agree with you Worldwindows, short distance is ok...but a NO NO for long haul

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