Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip to Gold Coast, Day 1, Part 2

As per requested by Worldwindows, I shall share more on accommodation and travelling details...ok, will try!!
As for accommodation booking, I did it online, there are many sources you can try to do your online booking. My experience with is quite good. As they will try to match a lower price if you provide them with others' quote. There is a hospitality group offers great accommodation choices, that is the Stella Group. The hotel or apartment they offer are basically good, in terms of security, cleanliness and location.

Ok, back to my day 1 trip, after a nap, we headed to Surfers Paradise, the main attraction in Gold Coast. Since we stay at Broadbeach, we have to either drive or take a bus to Surfers. Public transport is easy here in Gold Coast....taking bus or driving will be just 10mins away.

The two main rows of shops at Surfers for shopping, food, coffee, ice-cream etc.

Circle on Cavill - the hotel/ apartment cum high end shopping

Hardrock Cafe@ Surfers Paradise

Dinner we enjoyed at Captain's Table Seafood Restaurant, Surfers Paradise. The restaurant is recommended by LQ, quite crowded, food is good.
Can't go without seafood in Australia....superb fresh

The Oysters

The Fried Squids

Garlic Bread

The day special- Sirloin Steak and Lobster - AUD29.50 - quite worthy, I don't think we can get this price in Malaysia...

Fresh salad - without mayo, taste great

The Barramundi Fish fillet

Overall rating for
food taste: 8/10
service: 9/10
ambiance: 8/10

That's end of first day....need to re-charge ourselves. Darn tired...zzzzzzzz


Little Inbox said...

Argh...I want to have that lobster!!!

worldwindows said...

Thanks for the details on accommodation. Word of mouth is so important! Enjoyed the seafood.

Duckie said...

pretty reasonable price huh?!

J2Kfm said...

thanks for the recollection of the trip. will take note, if I ever go Aust. :)

the exchange rate now makes it so tempting to go n visit.

SimpleGirl said...

Little Inbox, yes, the lobster was superb!

Most welcome Worldwindows

yes, Duckie, price is quite ok, how to get so cheap lobster with serloin set?

j2kfm, i hope my sharing is helpful for you. yea, now is lower...worth going!

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