Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Assam House Medan Gopeng Branch

I guess it's almost 3 or 4 months since Assam House opened their branch at Medan Gopeng. At first I was not sure whether is the original one from Greentown, until the recent visit to the restaurant, I CONFIRMED it is! This halal restaurant serves fusion cuisine which owned by Chinese but attracted lots of Malay customers as well. TV3 program, Jalan Jalan Cari Makan also interviewed the restaurant before.

The last time I visited Assam House was many years ago. This time experience was quite good, the serving was fast, clean and good dining experience, and nevertheless, the food tastes good, not very oily and not too salty!

We ordered Mango Kerabu - RM4.90 - very generous portion

Kam Heong Mantis Prawns - RM11.90 - taste good and not much of flour coating, we can taste the prawns

The Melaka styled Pan Fried Chicken - RM10.90- marination was good ( mainly turmeric )

The Assam Gravy Fish - RM11.90 - this one is a bit disappointed - even though the fish pieces were quite fresh, but the gravy is so so only!

2, Medan Gopeng 2, Jalan Gopeng, 31350, Ipoh, Perak.


Bangsar-bAbE said...

The pricing is quite reasonable! Were the portions big?

foodbin said...

it's lunchtime the mango kerabu looks tempting

sakaigirl said...

I Looovee Fried Mantis Prawn! The mango kerabu makes me hungry..nyam nyam!

J2Kfm said...

i was wondering myself ,as the Assam House in town has become Kim Bali, complete with a branch in First Garden i think.

then the Greentown's outlet remains as Assam House,and then this one emerges. hmm ... diff management?

Food Paradise said...

The foods look delicous leh.....

SimpleGirl said...

Bangsar-babE, we ordered small, but the portion was actually quite big for 2 person.

foodbin, yes, the mango kerabu was nice!

sakaigirl, thanks for dropping by, hmm..the food was great ya!

J2kfm, I guess Kim Bali is now under different management. Under Assam House, now only one in Greentown and another in Medan Gopeng.

Food Paradise, yes, the food was nice!

Little Inbox said...

Agree, the 1st 3 dishes look yummy!

SimpleGirl said...

Little Inbox, yes....sometimes is like perfection ya!

Duckie said...

dishes looks good.

Anonymous said...

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