Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snergy Refreshment Centre 新世紀健康饮食 -2nd visit

After my first visit to Snergy few months back, I've fell in love with this place. Not only that I love the food, I feel very "healthy" after dining here. The reason is Snergy uses mainly organic ingredients in their cooking, and it is vegetarian. As I mentioned earlier, the food variety is limited, because it's a retail shop selling organic stuff, not really a restaurant. So, that's our lunch for today.

Check out the interesting menu...
The organic vege salad with special sauce - according to the lady boss, the sauce is sour plum sauce(not mayonnaise)RM 5.00
There are cabbage, carrot, lettuce, algae - taste very refreshing

The red yeast rice with herbal soup -RM 6.90
Red yeast rice has been proven to helps lowering cholesterol.

Since it's vegetarian herbal Bak Kut Teh soup - it comes with mushrooms and tofu. The taste of the soup is equally good as the non-veg one! I love it!

The Xiang Chun 香椿 or wild vege(mushroom)Fried Rice - RM 5.50
You can buy the Wild Vege paste in most organic shop, as you can add this in fried rice, soup noodles or even porridge, taste very good!

Lastly, the Yee Mee - RM 5.90
Even though it's vegetarian, it tastes good - the Yee Mee is made from unbleached flour and sea salt only - so healthy!

The plus points of this place: no MSG, less salt, less oil, healthy ingredients. You really feel like you are having home-cooked food.
15, Jalan Mas 1,
Taman Mas, Falim,
30100. Ipoh.
Tel: 05- 282 2088
Open from 7.30am - 7pm.
Off on Monday.


sakaigirl said...

it looks really delicious! i wonder how it taste like..

SimpleGirl said...

sakaigirl, it tastes very good!!

worldwindows said...

This is really good and wholesome. The dishes are lovely. I do drop by a similar joint in Tmn Tun to have my fix. However they do serve fish and eggs.

Duckie said...

they look a little too healthy!!!

SimpleGirl said...

Worldwindows, yes, the meal was great! Hmm, there was one in Tmn Tun as well to promote healthy dining huh...I am sure now is the trend also ya!

SimpleGirl said...

duckie, believe me, the taste was good...haha

foodbin said...

simple and healthy dishes.

J2Kfm said...

havent heard of this place. Falim, near to my work place. ok ok ...
sometimes healthy food's good.

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