Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuck Kee 德记 2nd visit

My sister came back from Australia for a break. Since she is a die hard fan of abalone, yesterday, we went to Tuck Kee at Pasir Pinji for dinner. We brought our own canned abalone for them to cook. The chef stew it, a simple yet delicious way of eating abalone.

We also ordered steamed goby fish林哥鱼, about 700g for RM84.00
It was very fresh and tasty

The speciality here, Ho Fun with Prawns, come in individual serving- RM13 per plate comes with big prawn that is super fresh.( this dish have to pre-ordered if you want their main chef to cook)

Last but not least, stir fry bitter guard - with salted egg and egg. The chef highly recommended as he said it is not bitter. Anyway, it was quite nice - RM6.

It was a nice meal..but a bit expensive. Total damage was RM192.70 for 4 pax.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beverage from Aussie

I would like to share some a super nice beverage I had for my breakfast....
the Lipton Chai Latte...

Haha, it's from Aussie-courtesy of my sister. It is so nice. It is similar to Masala Tea. If you love Masala Tea, you should grab this. I can't get enough of the nice blend of tea and spices.

Another one from Nescafe, Hazelnut Latte...also very nice. During my last trip to Australia, I bought one and love it so much..thus, I asked my sis to buy a few more for me.

Coffee lover like me also ask for another flavour....Caramel Latte

This is not as nice as Hazelnut...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rak Thai@The Gardens

"Don't judge a book by its cover" - it's truly applicable for Rak Thai. This restaurant seems to be crowded every time we pass by. Of course, as eater, we expect a crowded restaurant should be nice. Therefore,we thought of giving a try for our Sunday lunch. However, it was a rather disappointed dining experience.
We ordered a set meal for 2 pax@ RM39.60+

These were the food included in the set
The platter - pandan chicken, Vietnamese Spring roll, BBQ squid

This is so so only, the pandan chicken was bit over-cooked - the chicken meat was not juicy! I will give 5/10 for this dish.

Pineapple Fried Rice - just palatable 5/10 - I've tried the pineapple rice at a Thai stall located the food court in Gardens, taste much more better!

Thai Style Fried Koay Teow - with basil leave and lots of chillies - vividly hot but a bit oily - 6/10

Dessert was mango with sticky rice - I don't like it, so don't know how to rate

Last but not least, lousy lemongrass drink - please don't order this if you ever dine at Rak Thai.

It was a below average Thai restaurant, personally, I do not recommend it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

David's Diner@Greentown Square

" How's everything?"
" Great, especially the Shepherd's Pie - is so heavenly!"
" Thank you, I hope you guys enjoyed the food."
"Is this your secret recipe?"
" Oh, yeah, I am from the States, married to a Malaysian Indian and started this restaurant."
" Is your husband the chef?"
"No, no, I hired an ex-hotel kitchen chef to help me."

That was our conversation with Dee Jay, the friendly lady boss of David's Diner. It's already 5 months since this restaurant opened for business. I am sure it has already passed the acid test for a restaurant survivor! A little bird told me the restaurant's business is quite good.
According to to Dee Jay, she and her husband enjoys food to the core, she decided to start the restaurant to share her authentic America's recipe, of course, as a time pass as well.

It was am impromptu decision to dine at David's, anyhow, the dining experience turned out to be satisfactory!
We ordered another Salmon Steak Set - c/w salad or soup PLUS 2 side dishes of your choice. I chose coleslaw and baked potato - RM 24.90

The baked potato with sour cream was succulent!

Since it was a birthday treat for my friend, I decided buy her something sweet to complete the meal. We ordered Pudding Sundae - something really special with pudding cream. It was luscious - highly recommended ice-cream lover to check this out!

Nevertheless, Dee Jay's handmade pastries are available at David's Diner.

I bought one brownie walnut to try, taste good, just that it's bit too sweet for my tooth.

Overall dining experience was good. We had a scrumptious meal. Worth to pay a visit, especially for their shepherd's pie.

A little complaints: I am not so happy with the exorbitant 10% service charge, as sky juice is not free also...and there's one blur waitress, which said, "I do not." when I asked her about the desription of a few item in the menu. I told her, "You cannot tell me you don't know, as a waitress here,I expect you to know."

(beside Guardian)
Tel: 05- 242 5733
They do have catering services.

For Other review, do visit:
Motormouth's Blog

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ten Good@Greentown, Ipoh

On a lovely Saturday evening, we departed to Ten-Good for some Japanese cuisine. This place is always crowded at lunch time, as Greentown is one of the busiest commercial area in Ipoh. We used to go to Waraku@ Medan Ipoh for Japanese food, as the price there was reasonable and food was delectable. However, ever since they changed their chef last year, the quality has dropped tremendously. Thus, I suggested bf to try Ten-Good, as I had been there for a few times, the food at Ten-Good is palatable, even though is not super divine.

Here were the food we ordered
Some sushi - 6/10

Kimchi Fried Rice - It was zesty and flavorsome! 7/10

Some BBQ sticks - taste bit bland, not as succulent as those at Waraku. I suspect the marination of meat was not strong enough. 5/10

2 Potato Croquettes - taste wast a bit too peppery. As compared to the one we've tried (made by a Japanese lady), these are not that fantastic. Worst part was, feeling very thirsty after that , that means the MSG level was extremely next time?! 4/10

Overall dining experience was just run of the mill. The food rating was just 5.5/10. Generally, price at Ten-Good was a bit on the high side for Ipoh standard. As you noticed, we didn't order any expensive stuff like sashimi or seafood. Total spending was RM 56.65 inclusive of one beer and one Oolong tea. I might be visiting this place but definitely not for their BBQ sticks and croquette!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lunch@Beacon Point, Taman Perak

Today, my friend and I had a nice lunch at BEACON POINT. Since this place is not strategically located, she doesn't know where it is. Anyway, I came to know about this place 3 years back from one of my relative. She told me this is a cheaper place for western food compare to Citrus Wine and Dine.

Today, we ordered 2 sets of lunch@ RM15.80 & RM16.80 respectively.

Firstly, we had spinach soup
At least, I was sure that it was not canned soup. Taste was good.

The Baked Fish with spinach- quite nice, as in not as heavy as the cheese baked type

The Chicken with grape sauce - something new to me - the grape sauce was quite refreshing

Then, the dessert - pineapple crumble - taste good! See, they are giving some quality dessert rather than the Nestle ice-cream or jelly haha!

Since Beacon Point is known for their pastries, we ordered one piece of Coffee Cheese Cake to share - RM5.90
All I have to say is satisfactory, it so super good! I've tried their carrot walnut cake and blueberry cheese cake before, but this one is the best for me...

Beacon Point
41, Lintasan Perajurit 6,
Taman Perak, 31400, Ipoh.
Business Hour: 11am - 6pm ( Mon- Thu )
11am- 10.30pm (Fri & Sat)
Tel: 05- 546 9916
You can order birthday cake and hold functions in as well!
p/s: They have some nice tea time set from 3pm-6pm, I heard the Chicken Pie is very famous here. Check it out!
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