Wednesday, April 8, 2009

David's Diner@Greentown Square

" How's everything?"
" Great, especially the Shepherd's Pie - is so heavenly!"
" Thank you, I hope you guys enjoyed the food."
"Is this your secret recipe?"
" Oh, yeah, I am from the States, married to a Malaysian Indian and started this restaurant."
" Is your husband the chef?"
"No, no, I hired an ex-hotel kitchen chef to help me."

That was our conversation with Dee Jay, the friendly lady boss of David's Diner. It's already 5 months since this restaurant opened for business. I am sure it has already passed the acid test for a restaurant survivor! A little bird told me the restaurant's business is quite good.
According to to Dee Jay, she and her husband enjoys food to the core, she decided to start the restaurant to share her authentic America's recipe, of course, as a time pass as well.

It was am impromptu decision to dine at David's, anyhow, the dining experience turned out to be satisfactory!
We ordered another Salmon Steak Set - c/w salad or soup PLUS 2 side dishes of your choice. I chose coleslaw and baked potato - RM 24.90

The baked potato with sour cream was succulent!

Since it was a birthday treat for my friend, I decided buy her something sweet to complete the meal. We ordered Pudding Sundae - something really special with pudding cream. It was luscious - highly recommended ice-cream lover to check this out!

Nevertheless, Dee Jay's handmade pastries are available at David's Diner.

I bought one brownie walnut to try, taste good, just that it's bit too sweet for my tooth.

Overall dining experience was good. We had a scrumptious meal. Worth to pay a visit, especially for their shepherd's pie.

A little complaints: I am not so happy with the exorbitant 10% service charge, as sky juice is not free also...and there's one blur waitress, which said, "I do not." when I asked her about the desription of a few item in the menu. I told her, "You cannot tell me you don't know, as a waitress here,I expect you to know."

(beside Guardian)
Tel: 05- 242 5733
They do have catering services.

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FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wah... the foods looks great and also more desserts.... aiya... how can i fit so many stuff for food hunt in Ipoh?

SimpleGirl said...

food paradise, Penang also got so many delicious food right? So, divide your trips during your food hunt...

Duckie said...

the food looks very good ler .. i love places like that .. but this is just a little too far!!!

J2Kfm said...

heard that their desserts are good. now you confirm that suspicion. :)

been thinking of dinner that someday.

SimpleGirl said...

Duckie, the food generally good..yea, amabiance also nice!

J2kfm, maybe you can check out the dessert soon!

email2me said...

The salmon looks good. Must drop by there when visit my customer (SNS).

eatinginkl said...


I'm Inspektor Sedap and I have set up a new food blog at

I've recently posted up a 100 links post on my blog which included your esteemed food blog as well.

Here's the url:

I would appreciate it if we could exchange links. :) Thank you.

Inspektor Sedap

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh,... share more.... at least now i know where to get food instead of keep going back to citrus or maria's.

Big Boys Oven said...

I did a food crawl in Ipoh last weekend and it left me retarded lol! eating alone can be a stress lol!

SimpleGirl said...

email2me, thanks for dropping by.Yea, you may check out this place when you visit near there only.

eatingkl, sure no problem! Thanks for linking me.

NKOTB, true, not much nice western choices in Ipoh. Personally, I feel Maria's food is not may check this place next time, ok.

Big Boy Ovens, poor thing, hunting food alone in Ipoh...should have let us, Ipoh flogger know, and we shall makan together!!

ck lam said...

It's nice to see baked potato with sour cream as a side dish...not many restaurants do that.

Selba said...

The food surely looks delicious!

SimpleGirl said...

ck, yes, really rare..and some mroe I feel the side dish - baked potatoes taste very good, over-shadowed the main,,,haha

Selba, yup, overall dining experience was fantastic

worldwindows said...

Nice reading these western stuff. I still crave more for the coffee shop stuff. Unless I am in Ipoh Garden, Jusco, Greentown are.

foodbin said...

salmon set looks generous in size.

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows, true, you guys have nicer one in when come to Ipoh, definetely feel like having the coffee house stuff....

foodbin, yea, portion was generous

CRIZ LAI said...

How I wish I can pop in Ipoh again. It has been ages from my last visit. Haha! Greentown really did boom quite fast with so many food outlets opening there. I should make a trip there hopefully soon. :)

sakaigirl said...

I love salmon! The set looks delicious! I always got lost when i go to Ipoh, haha.. I'm very proud to have found the famous nga choi gai! Maybe i might get lost again and try finding David's Diner!

SimpleGirl said...

criz lai, yea, Greentown is the new biz area....makan, not really a lot there...wish your next Ipoh trip will be filled with nice food!

sakaigirl, ipoh so small, can get lost meh?!!Very easy only to get to greentown...hope you';ll enjoy ur food trip next time

allie said...

All the dishes looks great!!!
Will definitely drop by when I'm back to my hometown.

email2me said...

Do all Ipoh food bloggers get together before?

If got any event, don't forget to include us in. We all here in KL are crazy ! can go up attend and come back to KL same day. lol .... Any food trips are welcome too

Bakeling said...

It's me bakeling here .

It's quite difficult to look for the your vegetarian post because I can't find any labels or archives in your blog .

Anyway , you take good photos and they look so tempting !

Bakeling said...

I am sorry I didn't realise that your blog archives is on top of the blog . It is because I get used to look for the archives either left or right ! "Wu long"!

sakaigirl said...

Yalo, im easy to get sesat d..haha

SimpleGirl said...

allie, the sherperd's pie were the best!

email2me, so far, no gathering before...hope we'll soon have one!

bakeling, thanks for dropping by....thanks for your comments..i shall improve on the labels

My Taste Heaven said...

I was wondering where is this Georgetown Square in Penang. Then, only saw it's Greentown instead of Georgetown, that means I can only try it when I go to Ipoh. :(

SimpleGirl said...

I didn't go to David's Diner for a long long time, recently saw their signboard has changed, I really have a feeling they have changed management?!!!Hope the food quality can be still good

Joanne Yong said...

Hi, I'm new here... I would like to know what time they close? I plan to visit there again tonight... Is I do visit tonight, this is third time I been there... I like the food, the drink, and service... I'm from kl, since I know my husband, he bring me to Davis, and I introduce to his friend... Now his friend fall in love the food of Davis, haha~~

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