Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuck Kee 德记 2nd visit

My sister came back from Australia for a break. Since she is a die hard fan of abalone, yesterday, we went to Tuck Kee at Pasir Pinji for dinner. We brought our own canned abalone for them to cook. The chef stew it, a simple yet delicious way of eating abalone.

We also ordered steamed goby fish林哥鱼, about 700g for RM84.00
It was very fresh and tasty

The speciality here, Ho Fun with Prawns, come in individual serving- RM13 per plate comes with big prawn that is super fresh.( this dish have to pre-ordered if you want their main chef to cook)

Last but not least, stir fry bitter guard - with salted egg and egg. The chef highly recommended as he said it is not bitter. Anyway, it was quite nice - RM6.

It was a nice meal..but a bit expensive. Total damage was RM192.70 for 4 pax.


New Kid on the Blog said...

no address and contact??

worldwindows said...

I only go there for its roasted stuff and the big tree for the YTF. The Goby fish is about right size for steaming! I can imagine the flesh and the sauce intermingling.

Duckie said...

quite expensive!!!

SimpleGirl said...

NKOTB, THE ADDRESS IS 1&3, Jalan King, Off Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 255 3870

Worldwindows, they are famous for roasted stuff, char siew, roasted duck etc..but personally I dont quite like.

Duckie, yes, it was expensive...the fish itself RM84/=

b o o n said...

it's cheap! so blessed that you can enjoy such great dishes at such great price..

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Before I make my trip to Ipoh, you tell me where is this place. ^-^

SimpleGirl said...

boon, thanks for dropping by....hmm...the price is not very cheap, as we brought our own canned abolone

food paradise, sure...just let me know when you'll come for food hunt, ok?!

Selba said...

You brought your own abalone for them to cook? Wow! That's sound great that they would to cook food from outside their own restaurant. How much did they charge for cooking the abalone?

SimpleGirl said...

Selba, they charge RM20 for cooking the abalone

ck lam said...

The Hor Fun with Prawns looks delicious...will sure to keep the for my future visit...thanks

Life Of Continues said...

The abalone seem nice le.. :-)

SimpleGirl said...

ck, yes, the hor fun with prawns was good...don't forget to call up and pre-booked.

life of continues, he nicely cooked the abalone sauce....yea, it was nice

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