Thursday, May 28, 2009

Penang Food Post 3

A local friend recommended this Thai restaurant located at Abu Siti Lane- Maa Roy Thai Food Restaurant . It is run by Thai family, it seems...coz is even written in front of the menu that their chef is from Thailand haha!!

Anyway, the meal was delectable.
First came the Tom Yom soup, rich and yummy~~~~ 7/10

Then, we ordered pad prik chicken, expected to be the spicy type which we have tried in another restaurant, but, it was not. Anyway, taste more like Chinese style. 6/10

But I love this crispy fried fish with mango salad, they removed the bone and it was nicely fried 8/10

After the meal, we just hopped to coconut stall next few door to have a nice and cooling drink!

We also enjoy our afternoon tea at Winter Warmers@ Gurney Plaza. I really love the rose milk tea here, as well as the classic English cup....sadly no outlet in Ipoh...:(

The peach milk tea also taste good

Our friend ordered the Iced Mixed Fruit Cocktail

That's end of the food marathon......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Penang Food Post 2

Visiting Penang will never be completed without going to my favourite banana leaf restaurant - Passion of Kerala. Here in Ipoh, I can't find one as good as this.

We went to the outlet in New World Park and ordered the set meal

I love the dahl, is perfect match with the rice!!yummy yummy!

And not to forget to order the Fried brinjal

Most importantly, my fav, chicken McNair...nicely marinated and fried. Not oily, but juicy and made you feel like having more!

It was an indeed satisfactory meal.
Of course, I went to pack laksa and yam cake& bak chang at the hawker stalls in New World Park as well.
I remember this stall selling yam cake, chee cheong fun and bak chang used to be at the road side in Swatow Lane, now they have move here. The Yam Cake is my favourite!!
Generous ingredient and topping.each piece cost RM2! The bak chang also very yummy!

Not finish yet...must and have a nice chendol at Penang road for dessert!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Penang Food Post 1

Obviously, this is Chicken Maryland....but can you believe it is from a food court, instead of from a posh restaurant? See the presentation, so nice. Of course the taste was good with merely RM8.00. This is from Penang...the heaven of hawker food. Yes, was in Penang last weekend for friend's wedding...of course took the opportunity to cari makan.
This western food corner is located at New BT Food Court along Jalan Burmah. After reading CK's blog about this stall, I told myself I should check out this place.
We also ordered one Portuguese Grilled Fish, but didn't turn out good. The curry paste was not to our liking.

Luckily, the Tom Yam Fried Rice saves the was so good, not too wonder the stall was quite busy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hong Kong Desserts

Desserts in Hong Kong is so irresistible...lots of variety and creativity! This time round, I tried 2 brands 1) 滿記 Honey Moon Dessert and 2) 许留山 Hui Lao Shan

Personally, I prefer 滿記 Honey Moon...I tried in the outlet at Shatin. Waiting time 25mins...but worth it! Still remember many years ago, I went to their first shop in Sai Kung 西貢, very crowded...but really can't remember how it taste like already. This time visit was a pleasant experience!Everything taste good!

Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert 楊枝甘露 with Taufu Fah - superb!!!

Blended Walnut Dessert 合桃露 - smells and taste very good..and smooth!

I can't remember the name...of this one

Mango Pancake - skin is not too thick...sweet mango inside--not bad!

Last but not least, this one should be red bean dessert- simple dessert but taste good!

As for Hui Lao Shan, the Mango Sago Pomelo was a bit disappointed...cannot compare with Honeymoon Dessert!!The pomelo was bit bitter ....:(

Another mango dessert my sis ordered look bit yucky...didn't jot down the name..but taste ok only

The desserts in Hong Kong was simply lovely, more variety,not very sweet...even the Coca-cola taste better, more gas and not as sweet as the local one..agree??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Macau Day 2- part 3

My dad is quite familiar with Macau, he brought us to a super nice Wanton Mee shop in old town Macau.The shop has been established for more than 60 years, now the 3rd generation is running the business, of course, I saw an old lady helping out in wrapping the wanton and dumpling as well, should be the mum?? Anyway, this humble shop is Chu Kei 鳳城珠記 located at 84A Estrada de Coelho do Amaral (not far from "Three Lamps Square"). The shop starts serving wanton after 12.30pm till dinner. You must check this out if you love wanton and dumpling...I feel it is much better than the one I've tried in Hong Kong.

Check out the wanton...super fat and tasty!!!

The dumpling was equally good...with generous ingredient..well marinated!!

Something I've not seen in Malaysia, fish skin wanton 鱼皮饺, simply lovely!! You can stop having more....

Last but not least, the springy..

It was a real satisfactory meal! Then, we proceed to the Macau famous Portuguese-style Egg Tart shop @ Lord Stow's Bakery. We went to the first outlet at Coloane Town Square. Taking a cab from town was about MOP 78....more expensive than the egg tart..yea?!

Here was it..

Here came the fresh from oven, lovely egg tart!!

Now Lord's Stow has outlets in Hong Kong as well...however, I am sure given a choice, everyone would loves to try the original one here in Macau, ya!

That's all for Macau, we went back to Hong Kong taking the noon ferry.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Macau Day 2- Part 2

After our scrumptious lunch @ A Lorcha, we went to visit the famous Casino - The Venetian. This is place you should visit if you go to Macau! Check these photos out...see how "grand" it was?!!

There is also a nice shopping mall - Grand Canal in was so beautiful...the shopping ambiance was so relax...check this out!

see...the sky looks so real huh?

one more photo..then we go for food ok...

We then went to Macau old town for the famous dessert..."Double Layer Milk Dessert" @ 義順

We ordered the famous double layer milk dessert 招牌雙皮鮮奶- super good!!

Another Egg milk dessert- not bad...esp for egg lover!!

cool grass jelly with milk

Then, we scrolled around Macau old town before dinner....
Dinner was at 陶陶居 near to the famous 鉅記 Kio Kie Biscuits
Dad bought us shark fin

And other dishes were...
Nice Siew Yoke

Stir Fried Fish fillet with celery


Mixed mushroom with taufu

Not to forget a special dish....guess whatz this??

iT'S grape skin...i think they steamed it then cooked in special sauce..something i tried for the first time!

Not to forget to grab some nice tibbits/ biscuits from Koi Kei

And some random shots of night view in Macau - simply a lovely city

I will blog about the best wanton and famous Portuguese tart in my next blog!!!
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