Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sin Fonzie

I've been to Sin Fonzie before. However, my first time experience was not that good. This time round, my cousin recommended this restaurant for a family gathering. Since we are moving in a group, I have to respect others' choice.
The set for 8 pax costs RM198, however, the food served was just mediocre, not that value for money. Since we had 16 pax, we ordered for 2 set. Even though is courtesy of my auntie, I felt that it was a bit pricey. I would rather walk across the street for Overseas Restaurant, haha!
Check this out, you'll know what I mean.

The starter - the yam with meat stuffing fried and fish stuffed fried were good...seems like a good start?!! 7/10

Then, came the second dish, butter chicken - the chicken was fried and then cooked with butter sauce with curry leave - this one not bad 7/10

Another dish was the claypot Yee Mee - according to my bf, the one my mum cooked was better haha.....5/10

Another claypot dish was the claypot rice with waxed sausages, salted fish and chicken. This was funny-when the dish was being served to our table, we can smell burning smell...already made us feel a bit disgusting...then the taste was not claypot rice normally will be very nice once the lid is opened. It taste so bad, totally disappointed - as the Chinese waxed sausages taste was too pungent, the rice was too bland! 2/10

Last but not least, stir fry mixed vege - so so only - 5/10

See, none of the above dishes were expensive stuff, do you think is worth for RM198? Moreover, the overall food rating was below average only.
That's fine, tomorrow I'll be flying off to Hong Kong & Macau for a short trip.....I will be back with my yummy food experience there.....see U!

The restaurant:
Sin Fonzie ( Shop lot beside Excelsior Hotel )
53, Jln Sultan Abdul Jalil, 30300, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 255 8481


worldwindows said...


J2Kfm said...

good luck food hunting in HK/Macau!!!

strangely, at the time i went (once only though), the claypot/steamed rice (chung chai fan) were all good.

hmmm ... gotta revisit sometime soon.

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows, yes, with that kind of food definetely not value for money

J2Kfm, thanks....maybe U should check out Sin Fonzie again. The Chung chai fan was cold literally...made me crave for the CCF in Hong Kong....

Little Inbox said...

Clay pot dish is one of my favorite. I love the fragrant.

foodbin said...

too bad the dishes did not turned out well-have a nice trip!

My Taste Heaven said...

The butter chicken is something new to me. As normally what we have is butter prawn.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Have a nice trip and looking forward for your food hunt trip in hk/macau. ^-^

email2me said...

Hmmmm .... it was so hard for a restaurant to maintain their glory moments huh. On and Off have to revisit them to evaluate food quality.

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