Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hong Kong Day 1

Our trip to Hong Kong started off with some lousy in flight meal with MAS.

Soon after landed, I headed to 7-eleven to grab a local sim card and buy some packet drinks. I love the drinks here, not as sweet as Malaysia and lots of variety...

We checked in at Wan Chai Novetel Century Hotel. The newly renovated hotel has excellent service and the room was satisfactory. The AH1N1 quarantined hotel - Wan Chai Metropark was just a street behind us.

The complimentary snack - as we had a free upgrade to executive floor ( courtesy of dad's contact)

See how cute were the toiletories - like glass test tube in lab...

After refreshed ourselves, we headed to Mong Kok for shopping and most importantly makan! The nearest MTR was just 5mins walk from the hotel. We exit at Langham Place from Mong Kok Station and dined at Chee Kei@ Level 3.

Yes, it's a Michelin Guide restaurant.

The wanton was very good!

But I don't quite like the noodle, a bit too hard!!

I ordered the dry version of noodle, but turned out to be bad. I think the dry version in Malaysia is far better.

Then, my sis ordered honey sauced chicken wings & pork chop, well marinated, very nice~~~~

This restaurant is famous of the red bean with tau fu fah dessert, we ordered one and share...turn out to be good!

The meal will never complete, without a cup of authentic milk fragnant and smooth! Love it!

After a few hours of shopping marathon, time to feed our stomach! We wanted some local / hawker food. However, my sis, who has been a half Hong Kongie now ( this is her 7th year here in HK), recommended us a Japanese restaurant - Watami @ Pinonner Centre, Mongkok.
We trusted her recommendation. We waited for almost 30 mins to get a table....since the food was superb, so worth waiting!

Salad as a start - doesn't it look nice and drooling?!

Teppanyaki cheese scallops....very very nice!

Kimchi Rice taste was simple palatable!

Prawn tempura thick roll

Grilled fish- I can't remember what fish was that - but it was very fresh - feel like having more of it!

2 sets of BBQ sticks combo- c/w chicken wings, scallops, beef & chicken

Mini Shabu-shabu with Udong, sliced beef, vege & tofu

Guess how much we paid for the meal? For Hong Kong standard was cheap - HK 360/=. I feel was rather reasonable and most importantly taste was above average!
That's end of our first day in HK - - time to zzzzzzzzzz and recharged ourselves!


Little Inbox said...

Cheese scallops, hmm...yummy!

allie said...

Eat Jap food at HK... that's something strange to me! I didn't miss out any chance to try out their local food when I was at HK..
anyway, wish u a great trip! Enjoy!

SimpleGirl said...

little inbox, yes, the scallops was really good.

Allie, don't look down at Jap food in something we can't miss..they are so nice!!! check it out!!

ck lam said...

Desserts of taufufah with red bean sounds good...hardly seen here.

J2Kfm said...

yup, i was tempted to try a lot of western n japanese outlets in HK, as the price is quite reasonable, and the spread very, very delicious.

but ended up mostly in char chan teng, noodles, rice, and the like.

hmm, i'm seriously thinking of going again.

Ms Vivien said...

eh... u went to hong kong arr... not scared of the swine flu meh?

wah sedapnya.... except for the dry wantan mee la... yer so dry... see oso know tak sedap...

SimpleGirl said...

CK, yes, the red bean tofu fah , so far, I've not seen in was so nice!

J2kfm, YES, Hong Kong is a makan heaven la....and always got new do plan ur next trip!

Ms Viv, yes, went there last la, the situation was not at all serious there....after all, me already back in Msia la...haha

email2me said...

Hong Kong's Wan tan is the best! Big and tasty .....

worldwindows said...

The milk tea is classic. The wantan noodles looks al dente. I like Novotel for their family-friendly policy. 30mins is worth the wait for good food... not surprise if the wait goes up to 45mins.

SimpleGirl said...

email2me, yes, HK is famous for the wanton mee...esp the soup and the wanton, i love them....

worldwindows, yeah, classic milk tea...i still miss the taste!!!

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