Thursday, May 14, 2009

Macau Day 2- Part 2

After our scrumptious lunch @ A Lorcha, we went to visit the famous Casino - The Venetian. This is place you should visit if you go to Macau! Check these photos out...see how "grand" it was?!!

There is also a nice shopping mall - Grand Canal in was so beautiful...the shopping ambiance was so relax...check this out!

see...the sky looks so real huh?

one more photo..then we go for food ok...

We then went to Macau old town for the famous dessert..."Double Layer Milk Dessert" @ 義順

We ordered the famous double layer milk dessert 招牌雙皮鮮奶- super good!!

Another Egg milk dessert- not bad...esp for egg lover!!

cool grass jelly with milk

Then, we scrolled around Macau old town before dinner....
Dinner was at 陶陶居 near to the famous 鉅記 Kio Kie Biscuits
Dad bought us shark fin

And other dishes were...
Nice Siew Yoke

Stir Fried Fish fillet with celery


Mixed mushroom with taufu

Not to forget a special dish....guess whatz this??

iT'S grape skin...i think they steamed it then cooked in special sauce..something i tried for the first time!

Not to forget to grab some nice tibbits/ biscuits from Koi Kei

And some random shots of night view in Macau - simply a lovely city

I will blog about the best wanton and famous Portuguese tart in my next blog!!!


J2Kfm said...

suddenly reignite my interest in HK/Macau .... =)

the siong pei nai already got hardened layer stop? sure snap too long? hahahh ...

waiting for your post on egg tart/wanton said...

the venetian sure looks grand!
the siew yuk is sinfully delicious lor!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wah.... the desserts look so nice. And yhe venetian is a must visit place nowadays. Wonder when will be my next trip there. ^-^

foodbin said...

The Venetian looks so grand - any luck in the casino?

Little Inbox said...

How nice if my next destination is Macau. Now cannot, at least got to save up after my Perth's trip.

SimpleGirl said...

j2kfm, siong pei nai...i snap soon after it arrives lei...don't know y....

allie, venetian was really grand...yea, i can't forget the sinful siew yuk

food paradise, plan for your trip soon !!!

foodbin, i didnt try my luck there...just visit only..haha

little inbox, yea, normally after a trip, got to save up before next trip....i totally agree with you!!

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