Thursday, May 28, 2009

Penang Food Post 3

A local friend recommended this Thai restaurant located at Abu Siti Lane- Maa Roy Thai Food Restaurant . It is run by Thai family, it seems...coz is even written in front of the menu that their chef is from Thailand haha!!

Anyway, the meal was delectable.
First came the Tom Yom soup, rich and yummy~~~~ 7/10

Then, we ordered pad prik chicken, expected to be the spicy type which we have tried in another restaurant, but, it was not. Anyway, taste more like Chinese style. 6/10

But I love this crispy fried fish with mango salad, they removed the bone and it was nicely fried 8/10

After the meal, we just hopped to coconut stall next few door to have a nice and cooling drink!

We also enjoy our afternoon tea at Winter Warmers@ Gurney Plaza. I really love the rose milk tea here, as well as the classic English cup....sadly no outlet in Ipoh...:(

The peach milk tea also taste good

Our friend ordered the Iced Mixed Fruit Cocktail

That's end of the food marathon......


PureGlutton said...

Aiyor... yr Penang food posts really make me hungry la...even after lunch! Makes me wanna head up to that island very soon!

foodbin said...

the fried fish with mango looks so appetizing

J2Kfm said...

winter warmers. .. been so many yrs eh? still going strong in gurney.

surprisingly, i've never been there, but instead went to their outlet at The Curve. the biscuits are good.

Selba said...

Whoaaa.. so many coconuts!

SimpleGirl said...

pure glutton, true...Penang is really the heaven of food...go njoy ur food hunt ya!!

foodbin, yeah...the fish was lovely!

j2kfm, yes, it is still at the same corner at gurney, even after the new wing opens..i simply love this place for the ambiance and tea!

selba, yea, that shop has tonnes of coconuts fro sale..not sure whether they are distributor??

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks awesome, to be honest I love mango crispy salad! awesome but must eat them fast as the liquid from the salad migh soak into the crispy fish and end up being soggy. I love this dish lol! I had tried at Kepong, ithey use crispy cat fish, very crunch! On the other hand I find some places do charge a bowl of tom yam soup rather expensive, am I right? ;)

Duckie said...

come to pg more often .. eat and ta pau back too!!!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I have not try the Thai food you mentioned yet. Seems delicious. ^-^

Uncle Lee said...

Hello, I really miss Penang food. Used to go Penang almost every other week wayyyy back in the '70s and '80' poh pia, oh chien and pasembur.
You have fun and keep well, Lee.

SimpleGirl said...

BBO, yea, the crispy fish was for tom yam, i agree with you...small one will be at least 10bucks already

duckie, i hope so....haha

food paradise, you may try this shop, maybe you'll like it!

uncle lee, yes, Penang food has got its charm...mayb you should pay a visit soon to recollect the nostalgia feeling!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I was at Winter Warmers too with my hubs about a month ago. Very nice setting they have. I saw BT Food Court too when I was in Penang but didn't give it a try. Now that you've mentioned the food is good, I shall give it a try the next I go to Penang. You are a real sek wong hau (eating queen). Your blog always makes me drool!

SimpleGirl said...

health freak mummy, i love food...but cannot consider a queen la...ok check out BT ya during your next trip!!!

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