Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tg Tualang Seafood - Lung Seng

My auntie treated us a nice seafood lunch at Tg Tualang last weekend. Instead of having it at our usual restaurant, I suggested to try Lung Seng, as I read a positive review in Precious Pea's blog about this restaurant.

Arrived on Sunday morning around 11.40am, nobody inside the restaurant...obviously the crowd is more at Lian Fong....we were a bit skeptical..haha....but towards the end of our dining, the crowd started coming in.

The first dish that arrived was fried rice - taste very good! Everybody loves it! Already a very good start!

As usual, we ordered 2 type of fresh water prawns - one is steamed and another one is stir fried with sauce. I love the stir fried version of prawns as it taste so good - not like some , whereby you can only taste the sauce outside the shell.

The steamed prawns , with Chinese wine and egg white were equally good!

Then came the crabs - my nieces' favourite.
The salted egg crab and Kam Heong Crab were good - 4 medium sized crab were merely
Similarly, the gravy blended so well with the super fresh crab! So good!!

Lastly, the vege

We concluded the food at Lung Seng is superb! Everybody loves the dishes....we will defintely come back!!
The total damage were RM176/=.
The restaurant:
10, Jalan Besar, Tg Tualang, 31800, Perak.

My aunties also bought some nice kaya puff and almond biscuits from the stalls outside the restaurant...the Sak Kei Ma and kaya puff were famous!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our dinner

Yesterday dinner we ate nice Kam Heong Crab - take away version from a restaurant. The gravy was good- and crab was fresh. I simply love the blend of onions, dry prawns and curry leave.
Recently we dined at this restaurant and tried their Salted Egg Crab and Oyster Sauce Crab- both were satisfactory, therefore this time round we tried another type. Hmm, it was good also!1KG for it expensive?!
I hope I can share more food at this restaurant next time.....
the last round visit I didn't blog about it because the place was too dark to snap nice photo.....haha!
Last but not least, crab in fact is low in calories and cholestrol - so why not?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Small Surprise from CIMB

Life is fun because it always fills with surprises.Yesterday I received a courier document from CIMB Islamic.....the letter was as such

Oh, yea, few months back, I signed up for the MaxInvest Save and standing instruction to save some bucks.....never expect them to reward me with a voucher! Even though it was only a RM10 voucher....hey, I am happy! I never expect bf said, mayb the money they spent on courier service cost more than the voucher...haha!!!

See how much they are doing to impress their customers and increases customers' satisfaction...I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuck Kee@Jln Yau Tet Shin

If you are craving for a plate of fried noodle with enough 'Wok Hei', I would recommend Tuck Kee @ Jln Yau Tet Shin for dinner. This place is famous of their fried noodles, be it Yee Mee, Hor Fun, Da Lok Mee ( Thick Yellow Noddle), Wat Dan Hor....this shop has the best of it. It is located along the same row with Lo Wong Beansprout Chicken in Ipoh. If I am not mistaken, it has been there for more than 20 years....YES, I came here since I was in Primary school.....
The noodles were fried in traditional way with enough "wok hei" and lard of course.
I love the fried hor fun here very much....

Mum loves the Da Lok Mee here.....

The fried Bee Hoon is also not bad...

They also have nice broiled chicken feet, boiled squid..Do check out this place when you are in Ipoh.
P/s: you will notice that there is another shop few doors away, Sun Tuck Kee....but it is not as good as this.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gurney Drive@ The Gardens

We wanted to try this place few months back ever since it's opened the door for business at The Gardens. However, we didn't - - always tempted to go back to Little Penang Cafe @ Midvalley. No doubt,the food at Little Penang is good!!!
This time round, since there is a bigger crowd, ok, we thought of giving a try! was not a pleasant experience. First thing first, the place has "down-sized"..lots of items not available. We also noticed, they have revised the price -obviously lower as compared to earlier -to attract patrons.
I ordered the so called Kampung Malabar Char Kuey Teow -RM8.80+

Taste ok, but the cockles were super not fresh. Prawns were at edible stage but not pleasing to eat....

Since we expected authentic Penang food...this was a big disappointment.
Check this out - the nasi lemak bf ordered - no comparison to Little Penang Cafe...side dishes were lousy to the core - fish was super fishy, chicken curry were so watery and tasteless...assam prawns were not that fresh!

Overall an unforgettable lousy dining experience.....highly NOT recommended to try!
If quality of food doesn't improve in near future...I don't think this place can sustained. Life is cruel....only those excels will sustain in this age of tough competition!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

BD's Dinner

We had a dinner session to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Since she wanted to try "Buddha Jump over the Wall", we ordered one portion for her. It is a soup based consists of precious stuff like Abalone, shark fin, sea cucumber etc stewed with dark skinned hen.One portion is @RM68- quite affordable ya?!!

My cousin loves it....

Then, we had steamed Tilapia fish with Assam based

Steamed chicken

Fried bitter guard with eggs

Nestum Prawns

Chef recommended - pork muscle claypot - I do not know how to appreciate it, but the gravy was very nice. Others said it was very good......

Last but not least- the tofu

The Pancake

And the cake --of course

It was a nice get together, good food and filled with laughter!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Gems of Kampar

I think everybody agrees that small towns in Malaysia will always surpise us with good food. Remember I blogged about Chan Siew Heng claypot rice in Kampar? It was closed when I was there yesterday. My Kampar's relative recommended Fook Kee, just beside Watson's. It was closed as well. Hmm, no luck for good food huh??? Nope, there is always back-up - - we headed to Lam Kee for our claypot rice. I have not tried Lam Kee before, but according to the locals, Lam Kee is second best after Chan Siew Heng.

Lam Kee is situated at the corner shop towards the end of Jalan Idris. We were there around 6.45pm, the place already crowded, maybe because the other 2 shops were closed?? Anyway, the fragnant of the claypot was really alluring, especially the salted fish smell.

The ingredients were generous here at Lam Kee. I feel in terms of taste it is comparable to Chan Siew Heng. I'll give a 7/10.

Besides the nice claypot rice, we also ordered some nice Yeong Liu at the stall selling Loh Shu Fun / rat noodles behind Lam Kee. The fried fish ball is something I love in Kampar, and of course the Loh Shu Fun in Kampar is really nice...must try if you visit Kampar.

That's not the end, another gem of Kampar food is at the market. A stall selling kuih muih at Kampar market only at night....super crowded even before open....people waiting for it to open.It is advisable to go around 8pm.
I especially love the glutinous rice ball dessert ..the skin was so soft with pandan touch and the filling of peanuts were rich and succulent.

Before the kuih arrived

See the crowd then...soon after the kuih arrived

See the fresh and treacly kuih...tempting!!

Most of the kuih sold at this stall are super good. Really worth to pay a visit when you are in Kampar!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Papa John's & Krispy Kreme

I've been longing to try Papa John's ever since Berjaya Group brought it here to Malaysia. On top of that, reading good review from other blogger about this restaurant, it adds up to my eagerness for this good pizza.
Last weekend, we went to Time Square for the hit pizza in town. Waiting time was a bit long but the good quality pizza made us forgot about the long waiting time. It's definitely worth it!
The dough was so soft and as the slogan says," Better Ingredients, Better Pizza". We totally agree with it.

We ordered two 6'Original pizza - the first one Super Papa's - top with beef pepperoni, sausage, chicken, mushroom, green pepper, onion and black olives. First bit itself we love it. It is definitely not run-of-the-mill pizza.

Another one is Mexican Ole - top with grilled chicken, corn, kernels, onion, tomatoes & pepper. This is good, but I love Super Papa's more......

We feel like having more pieces of the was so tempting! It's more expensive than other brands available here, as the 6' or personal pizza cost RM11.20. However, you should try it then you'll feel it's value for money!

The pickled chillies come along with the pizza....simply acerbic!

The vanilla ice-cream with Coca-cola was nectarous!Love the ice-cream....

After the appealing pizzas, we let our stomach rest for a while before we headed to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee next door. Since some said it's the best doughnut in US, some said it's world's best doughnut, I must give a try!!!
Going with high expectation, I was surprised to see the service crew was a huge team, but not as customer friendly in terms of putting order. I feel Big Apple's way of ordering is more systematic. Anyway, we ordered 2 flavours - One Cappuccino and one almond to try.

Both the doughnuts were OK. However, personally, I feel there is nothing to shout about. I prefer Big Apple's doughnuts than this.
Not only that,the coffee were totally out...

That was the truly American weekend dining....will definitely go back for Papa John's pizza but no no for Krispy Kreme. Once again, it's food tasting is very personal, no offence to Krispy Kreme lover.
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