Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Final Post - Hong Kong Trip

Before I visited Hong Kong Disneyland, I already heard some negative comment about it. People said it is rather small compared to Tokyo one. Some said not value for money. Some said nothing much to see. I guess I have to agree with that is was ok only. It didn't impress me much, I think Ocean Park has more to explore.
Anyway, since I've not been to Tokyo Disneyland or the US one, this was a good experience for me as well.
Weekend ticket cost HK350/adult, HK60 more expensive as compared to weekday.

We took MTR from Hong Kong station, then boarded at Sunny Bay, interchange to Disneyland route.
I love the special train for Disneyland route...simply lovely!

OK, back to food. My sister's local friend brought us to a famous steamboat /hotpot restaurant in Mong Kok, Tao Heung稻香. Since it was Mothers' Day, everywhere was crowded, he already pre-booked a table. We ordered tomato based soup, it taste very good.

On top of that, there was a kind of base given to take along with the steamboat, when soup is added to it, the taste was so good!
You can see peanuts, choy po, chinese celery etc were there....

I would like to highlight the fat beef and meatball...super tasty! Since I was too hungry, didn't take photos of the rest of the food we ordered.

Was a lovely meal, but rather expensive, 7 pax cost about HK850.

My sis had some last minute Hong Kong food @ Lost City of Snacks in Hong Kong Airport...seeing the crowd, you'll know the food must be good! My sis bought Che Chai Noodle 車仔麵 from here, it was good!

Hong Kong is really a heaven of food, even after going through immigration, before we headed to the gate for boarding, we had a plate of nice roasted duck rice at Cafe de Coral. Nice fast food!!

Some biscuits / tidbit from Hong Kong. Even though I've been to Hong Kong many times, but this was the first time buying Wife Biscuits...I found that is was not very special, just like lotus paste biscuits here...I prefered the pineapple tart and egg roll.


allie said...

I miss Disneyland... all my worries just seem to disappear there. What a place!

J2Kfm said...

probably one of the reason why i chose ocean park over disney.
nice hotpot, with tomato soup as base, and BEEF slices!

SimpleGirl said...

allie, to be frank given a choice, i don't think i will go for 2nd time will be enough haha!!!

j2kfm, yea..Ocean Park more things to see...and the lovely hotpot, i miss it so much!!!

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, tomato based soup steamboat? Haven't came across that before, sounds appetising! Love peanuts a lot, guess the meal would be right for me! Hope to try it out!

SimpleGirl said...

sugar bean, thanks for dropping by. Yea, the tomato base soup was new to me as blends so well with the meat and veg in hotpot!!

sakaigirl said...

the food looks delicious!!! How much does it cost for the ticket to disneyland?

PureGlutton said...

I love steamboat or hotpot, whatever u may call it! Will always eat this once or twice a month! The one u had looked so yummy!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Yes heard many people say that the Hong Kong Disneyland is the worse one compares to the other Disneyland.

Pete said...

The steamboat soup sounds really interesting. Never tried a tomato based soup for steamboat before.

My Taste Heaven said...

frankly, disneyland in california is better, at least that's the original one. my girl is totally a huge fan of OCEAN PARK!

owh...i miss Hong Kong very much, it had been years since my last visit. thanks for sharing those wonderful posts, they really refresh my memory about HK

SimpleGirl said...

sakaigirl, weekday is HK290, weekedn and public holiday is HK350

PURE GLUTTON, yes, steamboat is always my fav as well...comparatively healthier also ya!

food paradise, really...nothing much to explore haha!!!

Pete, thanks for dropping by...yeah, the tomato based soup was really really good!!!

my taste heaven, yeah, Ocean Park might be a better place to visit...mayb you should plan for your next trip soon to HK

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