Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Gems of Kampar

I think everybody agrees that small towns in Malaysia will always surpise us with good food. Remember I blogged about Chan Siew Heng claypot rice in Kampar? It was closed when I was there yesterday. My Kampar's relative recommended Fook Kee, just beside Watson's. It was closed as well. Hmm, no luck for good food huh??? Nope, there is always back-up - - we headed to Lam Kee for our claypot rice. I have not tried Lam Kee before, but according to the locals, Lam Kee is second best after Chan Siew Heng.

Lam Kee is situated at the corner shop towards the end of Jalan Idris. We were there around 6.45pm, the place already crowded, maybe because the other 2 shops were closed?? Anyway, the fragnant of the claypot was really alluring, especially the salted fish smell.

The ingredients were generous here at Lam Kee. I feel in terms of taste it is comparable to Chan Siew Heng. I'll give a 7/10.

Besides the nice claypot rice, we also ordered some nice Yeong Liu at the stall selling Loh Shu Fun / rat noodles behind Lam Kee. The fried fish ball is something I love in Kampar, and of course the Loh Shu Fun in Kampar is really nice...must try if you visit Kampar.

That's not the end, another gem of Kampar food is at the market. A stall selling kuih muih at Kampar market only at night....super crowded even before open....people waiting for it to open.It is advisable to go around 8pm.
I especially love the glutinous rice ball dessert ..the skin was so soft with pandan touch and the filling of peanuts were rich and succulent.

Before the kuih arrived

See the crowd then...soon after the kuih arrived

See the fresh and treacly kuih...tempting!!

Most of the kuih sold at this stall are super good. Really worth to pay a visit when you are in Kampar!


New Kid on the Blog said...

looks good... :)

worldwindows said...

What a feast for the sights and mouth. Must drop by Kampar soon!

foodbin said...

I was there last week-at the kueh stall lots of people waited for it to open.the kueh are fragrant and more "lemak"

Selba said...

Interesting food! I would love to try the glutinous rice ball dessert :)

Little Inbox said...

I wasn't been to Kampar before. Heard that the Kampar Yong Tau Fu is super yummy!

SimpleGirl said...

NKOT, yea, everything looks yummy!

worldwindows, you really have to drop by and check out the nice food there!

foodbin, really? The kuih were so good right?!!

selba, sure you have to...the glutinous rice ball was good, indeed!

little inbox, yes, the yong tau fu in kampar are good.should check it out!

Unknown said...

wow... i want the gultinouus ball with peanut fillings. Must be very nice. ^-^

J2Kfm said...

yeah am learning stuff from you here. :)
keep it up. kampar lots of good food eh

SimpleGirl said...

food paradise, yes, the glutinous ball with peanuts were really yummy!

j2kfm, please don't say that...i am not an expert for Kampar food....i am just sharing my opinion on good food i know...

My Taste Heaven said...

did not know that kampar is famous with its claypot rice. Ok, next time when driving to KL, will make a stop there. Hard to find ?

SimpleGirl said...

tasty heaven, not difficult to find...once you are in Kampar town, all the claypot rice located along the same road. you may look for KFC...they are along the same road...but open only for dinner!!!

Anonymous said...
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esther said...

The best & oldest & aunthetic Claypot chicken rice in Kampar is in Wing Lok Yuen aka Heng Kee. They do not use any MSG 2 season their chicken or soy sauce! The rest in Kampar, they used MSG & osyter sauce 2 season their chicken!

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