Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tg Tualang Seafood - Lung Seng

My auntie treated us a nice seafood lunch at Tg Tualang last weekend. Instead of having it at our usual restaurant, I suggested to try Lung Seng, as I read a positive review in Precious Pea's blog about this restaurant.

Arrived on Sunday morning around 11.40am, nobody inside the restaurant...obviously the crowd is more at Lian Fong....we were a bit skeptical..haha....but towards the end of our dining, the crowd started coming in.

The first dish that arrived was fried rice - taste very good! Everybody loves it! Already a very good start!

As usual, we ordered 2 type of fresh water prawns - one is steamed and another one is stir fried with sauce. I love the stir fried version of prawns as it taste so good - not like some , whereby you can only taste the sauce outside the shell.

The steamed prawns , with Chinese wine and egg white were equally good!

Then came the crabs - my nieces' favourite.
The salted egg crab and Kam Heong Crab were good - 4 medium sized crab were merely
Similarly, the gravy blended so well with the super fresh crab! So good!!

Lastly, the vege

We concluded the food at Lung Seng is superb! Everybody loves the dishes....we will defintely come back!!
The total damage were RM176/=.
The restaurant:
10, Jalan Besar, Tg Tualang, 31800, Perak.

My aunties also bought some nice kaya puff and almond biscuits from the stalls outside the restaurant...the Sak Kei Ma and kaya puff were famous!!


ai wei said...

found a nice blog! a good 1 u have!

sak kei ma is famous ??? always my fave!

Little Inbox said...

Wow, you had seafood meal again? So nice the crabs.

worldwindows said...

I will drop by either Lawan Kuda or Tualang when I am back to Ipoh this weekend. Yum... can't help with the good reports.

The Travelling Foodie said...

Wow! the fried rice looks good. The crabs even better.

Big Boys Oven said...

hmmmhavnot been to T.Tualang for ages . . . .must bring my mum there for a meal soon! :)

Duckie said...

wow everything looks nice ...

SimpleGirl said...

ai wei, thanks for dropping by.....yea, the sak kei ma was good!

little inbox, yea, seafood craze these days!

worldwindows, yes, waiting for your post ya! enjoy your trip!

BBO, true, must go...nice place for seafood esp prawns.

duckie, yes, everything was delicious!!

foodbin said...

i like the freshness of the food and the kaya puffs too.

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, the prawns really do look delicious, can tell from the photo that they look fresh!

And kaya puff!! Aww, something that I haven't had for ages. Don't think they have it in the UK.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, true, most important for seafood is the freshness ya!

sugar bean, sad thing ya....can't get kaya puff in UK...never mind, wait till you come back to Malaysia and have it ok!!!

J2Kfm said...

this is in fact, the only one i've tasted. not bad, andsurprisingly, not very pricey.

Hazza said...

Lovely and delish looking! SO cheap too! If only I could drive in Malaysia, I would visit these outstation places for the food

SimpleGirl said...

j2kfm, yes, it was not very pricey...and the food was good!

hazza, thanks for dropping by...true, there's a lot of hidden gems of good food in outskirt area of Msia...I am sure we still have a lot of places to explore

SimpleGirl said...

travelling foodie, yes, crab and fried rice were superb!!

Precious Pea said...

Yumss...i love this place and wish I could return again for the prawns.

SimpleGirl said...

Precious Pea, yea, the prawns were simply unforgettable ya!!!!

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