Friday, July 31, 2009

Island Red Cafe, Ipoh

This is quite a new cafe in town. One thing that attracted me to pay a visit is the cozy outlook, nicely located in a bungalow building in Greentown.
Friday afternoon lunch, Island Red Cafe was quite crowded with all ranges of patron, OL, students, youngsters, family.
When browsing through the menu, we discovered that the food served is halal and comparatively, pricing is rather competitive.

I ordered tom yum bee hoon@ RM7.90 - ok, nothing to shout about!

My colleague ordered fish n chips@ RM9.60- so disappointed to see the thin fish piece and chips -obviously not up to mark, haha....

We also ordered chicken lor bak to share@ RM 3.30 - this was good.

Overall the food were just mediocre, and I reckon that the MSG level is high. Moreover, I was a bit irritated with the flies during the dining experience.
Maybe, this type of "fancy" cafe is not my cup of tea.....will I pay a second visit? I am doubtful??
p/s: the outlet in Gurney Plaza is opening today! 1/8/09, check in out Penangite!

The Cafe
No 104A, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
Greewtown, 30400, Ipoh, Perak.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aunt's Birthday

It was my aunty's birthday and I was invited to share the happiness. It was a typical chinese dining with cold dishes, chicken ,fish, prawns etc. Food has always been a wonderful bond that gather people together, especially Chinese dinner, the more the merrier!

The cold dish that really whet one's taste buds. It was nicely decorated as well.

The other dishes were as follow:
Steamed chicken

Steamed pomfret

Veg-Kai Lan

Pan Fried Prawns

Most importantly, the longevity noodles - always a must for birthday celebration- represents long life!!! Simple yet tasty!

Even though mooncake festival is still more than one month away, this restaurant already starts serving cute Ping Pei(cold and non-baked mooncake) dessert.

Nice fruit cake from my aunt's grand daughter....

Scrumptious meal, thank you my dear aunt for the invitation of the nice gathering!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dim Sum @ Yuk Fook Mun, Ipoh

Last weekend, we again failed to try the newly renovated Foh San Dim Sum, as it was still super crowded. In addition, we have our nieces with us, it was not at all convenient to queue and wait, because the kids will be super impatient. The dim sum road was too crowded and locating a parking space is easy. Since we were there already, we settled for Yuk Fook Mun for dim sum. We got a table at the 2nd floor soon after we went in.

Personally, I feel the Egg Tarts were better here...

The main stuff or must have during dim sum session like Char Siew Bau, Har Gao and Siew Mai were up to standard.

We also ordered some fish balls - made with Sai Doh (West Sword)Fish which taste really good!

And Har Mai

Other things we ordered which were not in the photos were porridge, Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun and Steamed pork ribs.
Personally I feel dim sum dining in Ipoh has become an expensive affair. Total bill came to RM47.80 including our ice-blended coffee....yes, surprise to see they have coffee in Dim Sum restaurant...some more is ice-blended type....not bad though!

Monday, July 20, 2009

La Manila Cafe@ Mid Valley

This is not a fancy cafe and in fact I feel like I am dining at a typical Chinese kopitiam, whereby you can hear people shouting, " Curry Mee, one bowl." or " Table three, bill!"
Anyway, the turnover of this place is really high...and if you are looking for a quick bite, something at a reasonable price and rather yummy, this is the place!

BF tried La Manila at Taman Tun and he said the food was nice. I read that the curry mee and Fried Koay Teow are very famous. I ordered one plate of FKT @RM9.00, and I was impressed because it was up to mark!

BF ordered a plate of fried rice@RM9.00, hmm....just run-of-the mill!

Their cake looks quite similar as the one available at Secret Recipe...we ordered a piece of Tiramisu@ RM5.50/ piece....taste quite one!

I will come back for other food in their menu....that's for sure! As I noticed a lot of people ordered their set rice, with Gong Po Chicken, curry mee, dry noodle with roasted duck....and other hawker food!

The Cafe:
Lot T-026, 3rd Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall.
If I am not mistaken is beside Little Vietnam....btw, their food is much more tastier than Little Vietnam!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vishal Food & Catering@Jln Scott, KL

This place is well-known of authentic Chettinad cuisine - the banana leaf rice. We paid a visit last weekend. A really simple yet clean place and quite isolated as compared to other Indian restaurant in Brickfields, yet they attracted many patrons, so the food must be really good!
Arrived at 12pm, and the place already very crowded. We noticed quite a big crowd of Chinese and Westerners dine here also.
We ordered the rice set and 2 side dishes....

The vege was nicely cooked and taste superb!
The dahl was so good and the not to forget the fried fish and chicken 65, they were both excellent!

The mango lassi also taste good!

It is written on their menu that the food served in Vishal is without that true?! We were bit doubtful...coz after food, we felt quite thirsty. Anyway, we can't deny that the food was indeed interesting!!
The service was good even though a bit slow!
If you are also a fan of banana leaf rice, this place worth a try!

The place:
Vishal Food & Catering
15, Jalan Scott,
Off Jln Tun Sambathan, 50470, KL
Open Daily : 730am- 1030pm

Monday, July 13, 2009

Restaurant Jia Kampar 家好月圓

Some people has got luck. We cannot deny this fact. My aunty is one of them, she again strike lottery ,and for her, this happen at least 2 times a year. This time round, she bought us a dinner at Restaurant Jia in Kampar. The restaurant name after the hit HK drama Moonlight Resonance, haha!!
Anyway,the dishes were excellent, as in fresh and quite low in MSG and price was reasonable.....see what we have ordered.

The steamed chicken

Assam Stingray Fish

Stir fried Kai Lan

Stew Mushroom with sea cucumber

Signature Tofu

Sweet and sour pork

Everything tasted good and everyone enjoyed the meal. It was a nice place for a decent dining. The total bill came to RM159. I think is very reasonable for 8 adults and 2 kids. Thanks my dear and generous aunty for the treat! God Bless you hundred fold!
The restaurant
9&11, Jalan Masjid, 31900, Kampar, Perak.
05- 465 3988

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keng Nam@Jln Raja Ekram, Ipoh

This place is an ideal place for a quick breakfast. Last week, my colleague and I went to Keng Nam for breakfast.
She ordered a plate of Chee Cheong Fun, with mixed gravy. Lovely, she is a fan of Chee Cheong Fun.

I ordered the dry curry mee, it not so coconuty, for those who doesn't like thick coconut gravy, this is an ideal one!

We also order yam cake to share.....

The food were good, serving was fast and I love the ice milk tea here also.

The coffee shop located at the last corner shop along Jalan Ekram, beside Golden Dragon Tour. Open for breakfast only.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Restaurant Cordon Blue@Jln K.K

The name sounds like a high-class restaurant ya?! Not at all! This place was recommended by a ex-colleague few years back...a humble shop, whereby one can't even see the billboard clearly. However, the quality of their chops, i.e. chicken chop and pork chop are tip-top! Tender meat and nice sweet tomato sauce chicken chop we ordered, come with fried egg & rice - RM7.50
It's not cheap for a coffee shop standard, but worth it, coz it's so yummy!

The shop located along Jln Kuala Kangsar, No 414.
Open for lunch only.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sun Wen Cau @ New Menglembu, Ipoh

My friend told me that this restaurant serves excellent crab, so we went there to check out the crab. So far, we've tried their salted egg crab, Kam Heong Crab and claypot crab, all very tasty! With the high turnover, the crab is super fresh, for sure!
Last weekend, we ordered other dishes at Sun Wen Cau, which were equally good and at very reasonable price!

Deep fried treadfin / Ma Yau fish - very fine meat. RM 26 for 700g.

Then, came the Gong Po Farm Frog - RM15. The Gong Po sauce was good and blends very well with the frog.

Last but not least, Thai style Mantis Prawns - RM8. This dish was good, with some fresh cucumber and onions to complement the fried stuff...just that the sauce was a bit too sweet!

We also took away 2 medium salted egg crab for RM 26.
I reckon that the MSG level is low here, serving is pretty fast. Generally, most dishes we have tried were good. A nice place for affordable order dishes dining.

Direction to Sin Wen Chau
Coming from Ipoh town towards Menglembu, turn to the traffic light on the right towards Menglembu New Town. Go straight all the way, past by 2 traffic lights, you'll see a new row of shop lots ( Menglembu One Curve ) on your right. Then, slow down and turn right at the third traffic lights, you 'll see Sin Wen Chau on the corner lot on your left.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hoong Kheong Liu Fun

I wanted to blog about this 'Liu Fun' stall long time back...but it really take effort to do so. This is because one have to wait to get a seat and wait to get your order. The waiting time can be killing if you are in a hurry to rush for work. Besides that, when you long for the noodle and Liu, the shop might be closed. Sometimes, it can be closed for more than 1 week. Last but not least, it only open for breakfast!

Me and my friend supposed to go for Foh San Dim Sum today @ 7am, but the place was extremely crowded already, since we are rushing for work, so we decided to change venue. I guess, lot of people were like us, wanted to be the first one to visit the new Foh San Dim Sum located along the same road with Ming Court and Yuk Fook guess you can imagine can crowded will that place especially when if comes to weekend and public holiday.

Arrived at Hoong Kheong around 7.20am, waited for 35mins to get our food. I simply love the dry noodle here, with very nice gravy, which is full of flavour and hot!

One of the reason why the gravy was so good is because they are still using charcoal to cook it....

The "Liu" at Hoong Kheong is superb! Not mass production...the taste is so good, with no compromise in ingredient!

I love the meat ball here a lot..and also the fried stuff also good!!

Located at the corner shop along Jalan Masjid, opens from 7am- 11.30am.....serving authentic Liu Fun in Ipoh. Must try!
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