Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Restaurant Cordon Blue@Jln K.K

The name sounds like a high-class restaurant ya?! Not at all! This place was recommended by a ex-colleague few years back...a humble shop, whereby one can't even see the billboard clearly. However, the quality of their chops, i.e. chicken chop and pork chop are tip-top! Tender meat and nice sweet tomato sauce chicken chop we ordered, come with fried egg & rice - RM7.50
It's not cheap for a coffee shop standard, but worth it, coz it's so yummy!

The shop located along Jln Kuala Kangsar, No 414.
Open for lunch only.


Duckie said...

places like this sometimes have really good food, but because of the outlook, not many are interested to go.

My Taste Heaven said...

looks good~~

foodbin said...

nice gravy-is this Hainam style?

Little Inbox said...

The food cost very reasonable too!

SimpleGirl said...

yes, Duckie.....but as long as the food is good, i sure will go!

my taste heaven, yea, it was good!

foodbin, not not hainanese style, this is a bit sweet

little inbox, the price is ok...but my colleague said expensive for place like this

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