Monday, July 6, 2009

Sun Wen Cau @ New Menglembu, Ipoh

My friend told me that this restaurant serves excellent crab, so we went there to check out the crab. So far, we've tried their salted egg crab, Kam Heong Crab and claypot crab, all very tasty! With the high turnover, the crab is super fresh, for sure!
Last weekend, we ordered other dishes at Sun Wen Cau, which were equally good and at very reasonable price!

Deep fried treadfin / Ma Yau fish - very fine meat. RM 26 for 700g.

Then, came the Gong Po Farm Frog - RM15. The Gong Po sauce was good and blends very well with the frog.

Last but not least, Thai style Mantis Prawns - RM8. This dish was good, with some fresh cucumber and onions to complement the fried stuff...just that the sauce was a bit too sweet!

We also took away 2 medium salted egg crab for RM 26.
I reckon that the MSG level is low here, serving is pretty fast. Generally, most dishes we have tried were good. A nice place for affordable order dishes dining.

Direction to Sin Wen Chau
Coming from Ipoh town towards Menglembu, turn to the traffic light on the right towards Menglembu New Town. Go straight all the way, past by 2 traffic lights, you'll see a new row of shop lots ( Menglembu One Curve ) on your right. Then, slow down and turn right at the third traffic lights, you 'll see Sin Wen Chau on the corner lot on your left.


Duckie said...

wow all very reasonably priced!!!

J2Kfm said...

on the way to Lumut Highway? cz rather familiar sounding.

SimpleGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Inbox said...

The food looks good, especially the kong poh frog.

Big Boys Oven said...

looks awesome, not expensive! wow here I come!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow... very nice meal and I am attracted by the mantis prawn. ^-^

SimpleGirl said...

Duckie, yes, the price were ok ya! some more the food was good!

J2KFM, yes, ya can see it on the corner lot on ur right.

little inbox, the kong po frog was good...very fresh!

BBO, yes, food was really good....the first time i went, about 10 of us cost around RM150 only....some more with crabs

food paradise, mantis prawns were good. i love it!

Sugar Bean said...

Good thing that there is quite little msg served. If not after meals at Chinese restaurants, I'll ended up getting really thirsty.

Selba said...

Yuumm.... the food looks so appetizing.

foodbin said...

Kong Poh Frog-did the frog's meat stick to it's bone?

SimpleGirl said...

sugar bean, yes, low MSG...i didnt feel thirsty after the food, unlike some other places.

selba,yeah...nice food indeed.

foodbin, the frog meat sticks to its was quite fresh

worldwindows said...

I have not been to Menglembu for ages. Should have a lot of good food since there are alot of small industries there. The Ma Yu looks real good. Done the way I like!

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