Monday, August 10, 2009

Seafood@ Kg Cina, Setiawan

Last weekend, we went for a seafood trip to Setiawan. Driving about an hour from Ipoh, we were not regret paying a visit at Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock Seafood.The food were simply amazing and reasonably priced.

I heard one should order their Coconut Toddy, which is famous in Setiawan. One jug is merely RM8/=

The naturally fermented alcohol taste rather sweet, even though the yeast smell was a bit strong when initially sipped, but it is nice to drink it.

The first dish that comes to our table was the fried small fish, which was really crunchy and appetizing!! Believe it or not, for the smaller fish, we even ate together with the bones!!! In order to fulfill our hunger, we ordered one more plate of this cruncy fish, so lovely!!!

I watched the interview on AEC about this restaurant months back, that they serves fresh oyster as well, so we ordered 2 portion, just to attempt how'z it.Hmm, even though the look were not so promising ( as compared to the ones in Oz)...but it was really fresh! Merely RM5/portion

Then comes the salt and pepper Mantis Prawn, the real huge one, one piece cost RM25/=. This is a must try here, the flesh is so fat and juicy, there's even egg inside..oh my, so divine!!!

Not to forget this delectable fried rice and black pepper crab. The crab was super fresh, you may also opt for steamed crab which is highly recommended~!!

We love the seafood here and truly enjoyed the meal! Scrumptious! The total damage was RM94.
P/S: THE only drawback was the irritating flies, can't sit outside, must sit inside the air-conditional section.
The place:
Lot 135, Kg Cina, 32000, Setiawan.
Tel: Mr.Ling 012- 540 9478/ 019-505 5348
Normally close on Tuesday. Sometimes Monday
Opens: 11am- 10pm
Map Location:


Big Boys Oven said...

wow the food in sitiawan just awesome!

Duckie said...

wow not bad the food there!!!

SimpleGirl said...

BBO, yes, we love it!

Duckie, I think is above average, fresh really!!

foodbin said...

the mmantis prawn was huge and full of roe.
toddy attracts flies.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, yes, the mantis prawn was really the fat flesh! thanks for info, no wonder so much flies there!

email2me said...

Those fried small fish is called SAR CHUI in cantonese but I dunno what it is called in English.

Those fish were very addictive!

SimpleGirl said...

email2me, yes, I know is sar chui, also not sure what they called it in English...true enough, really very tempting, can eat so much haha!!!

Anonymous said...

the mantis prawns made me drooled!really fat, slurp slurp

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

arr..... all the foods are delicious. But Sitiawan...... have to drive so far. ^-^

Selba said...

Coconut toddy? Never heard or tried it before, so it's consider as an alcohol beverage?

SimpleGirl said...

food paradise, yes, is not easy to access, but the food really tasty!!

Selba, yes, coconut toddy is a kind of alcohol, but light one.naturally fermented!

worldwindows said...

Lovely place and heard so much about this. The smll fish "Jai Yee Chai" is seriously out of the world.

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