Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spice Gate 2nd Visit

The Indian food serves at Spice Gate is up to standard( as far as Ipoh is concerned).Ever since our first visit, we already felt in love with the food here.
If you love naan, it is highly recommended to order this naan set with chicken tikka. The chicken tikka is well marinated, juicy and tender. Not to mention, the fluffy naan was super good combination. I also love the mint sauce, so refreshing.

The chicken portion was huge, enough for 2 pax actually. This set price at RM12/set.

Besides that, the lunch meal here is good as well. Dahl was so nice here. I feel is far better than most of the Indian restaurant in town.

Set meal@RM4, Friday special comes with lovely dessert payasam.

On top of that, the service was quite good and the place is rather hygienic!

Maybe you can consider this for lunch?? Have a great weekend!!


Health Freak Mommy said...

Next time when I'm back in Ipoh, I really have to check out your blog to refer to where I can eat good food. So much good food and places to eat in your blog!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow lovely curry yeah!

SimpleGirl said...

health freak mommy, no la, my blog is just my humble experience! Anyway, hope you'll enjoy the food I share..

BBO, yea, it was a nice experience indeed

J2Kfm said...

they're rather generous with the portion, right?
ok, will take your words for it.
will give it a try if i'm on my way to chemor anytime soon.

foodbin said...

perfect-naan and chicken tikka.

SimpleGirl said...

j2kfm, yea, i think portion is quite generous...i hope U'll check it out and let me know ur feedback!!enjiy!

foodbin, yea, it was a perfect combination!!!

SimpleGirl said...

Recently passed by this place and found out that Spice Gate has closed down!!!!

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